Chapter 9 - Stupid Bet

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Ryan groaned, his eyes slowly and painfully opening. He was laying on his stomach, but turned onto his back. He bit his lip and groaned loudly when his shoulders hit the ground as he turned, maybe he shouldn't of done that.

He stared at the still night sky. How is he alive? He passed out. Did it not finish him off?

Ryan, thinking it wasn't good idea to question it any furter, forced himself up on his shaky legs. He had to get out or it would come back for him.

He started limping towards where he hoped the exit would be. He just followed the trail, there wasn't much else he could do.

However, he didn't get too far before he saw someone laying on the floor. It didn't look like there was blood though. He knew it wasn't slender but still cautiously walked up to the body laying lifeless on the floor.

When he got closer his eyes widened, it was Ray. He forgot all about the pain in his body and ran up to him, falling to his knees next to him. He must of been attacked too, god what about the others!?

For now though he had to take care of Ray. He didn't want to wake up, he didn't even look alive. He stood and picked Ray up, putting the lad on his back, his arms under his legs. His shoulders were killing him, but he cared more about his boyfriend than himself.

So with that done he continued to walk down the path, and extremely thankful to see the gate. He walked faster to it and thanked everyone he could think of that he made it. He opened the gate and shut it, giving a heavy sigh before laying Ray against the brick wall.

Ryan put his head against Ray's chest and let out another large sigh when he could still hear his heart beat. He was ok, not but the others were still out there...hopefully they'll make it out like he did. He'd go in himself but he had to make sure Ray's ok, so for now, all he can do is hope and pray.


Jack limped along the dirt path. He didn't know how he was alive after that, but he didn't question it. He had to get out, now.

As he was walking he noticed someone sitting against a tree and he didn't have to look twice to notice it was Gavin.

He limped faster towards the lad and fell beside him, looking at the wide eyed brit. "G-Gav..?" Gavin looked to Jack and not seconds later tackled him in a hug. Jack groaned and tried to get Gavin off. "G-Gav that h-hurts..."

Gavin quickly noticed and got off, looking horrified at the wound Jack had. "J-Jack your..."

"I-Im m-missed anything im-important." Gav nodded with tears forming in his eyes. "C-come on...w-we have t-to leave."

Gavin agreed within seconds and helped his boyfriend to stand and walk.

They were ecstatic to see the gate but as they were walking something grabbed at Gavin's shoulder. He gasped and accidentally dropped Jack, the gent groaning in pain while Gavin just turned around.

Gavin's eyes widened, but not in fear, in surprise. Geoff was struggling to stand. He had pretty much the same wound as Jack did.

"G-Geoff..." Geoff smiled weakly and soon fainted. Gavin quickly caught him and turned around to see Jack standing again. "S-sorry..." Gavin appologised.

Jack just shook his head and the three made their way outside, Jack collapsing against the wall and Gavin laying Geoff against the wall. Though not seconds later was he tackled in a hug by a black haired, scruffy lad.

Gavin heard Ray's sobs and soon started crying himself, hugging Ray back.

Ryan smiled at Jack and Jack smiled back. They didn't need to hug or say anything, that was all it took to show how happy and thankful to see each other again.

Ryan looked around, "wh-what about Michael?" Everyone but Geoff also looked around the area, and even peeked back inside the forest, the lad nowhere to be seen.

"I-I don't know...we d-didn't see h-him..." Jack groaned out. No one said anything after that, and decided to wait. If the others made it out, than Michael, who was the toughest out of them all would too.

However, about twenty minutes passed and Michael wasn't coming back out. By now Geoff had woken up and was grabbing Ryan's hand tightly in worry. Everyone was worried but Geoff was having dealing with it the worst.

Gavin had started pacing. He didn't get as damaged as the others did so he was pretty much feeling better already, other than feeling a little light headed.

"I can't take it anymore!" Gavin suddenly yelled, surprising everyone. Gavin went stomping towards the gate and just as he opened it he stopped, eyes wide.

"Wh-whats wrong?" Ray asked as he got up to standing behind Gavin, looking into his forest. His eye's widened as well and yelled 'Michael!' At the top of his lungs.

Michael, who was limping towards the gate looked up, a weak smile on his face. However, their relief was short lived when Slender popped up behind Michael, Gavin and Ray being the only ones to see.

As Slender's appendages appeared from behind him, Gavin raced towards Michael, ignoring Ray's yells of protest.

It didn't take Michael long to realise the problem but before he could take any action against it, his legs were grabbed. Michael fell to the floor but before Slender could pull Michael anywhere, Gavin grabbed his hands with a dive.

He tried to pull Michael away from Slender but it wasn't working. They were both getting dragged towards the monster.

As they got closer, Gavin started to panic. He stared up in fear at the monster that was less than a foot away from the two lads.

Then Slender let go. Gavin moved his attention towards Ryan who had stepped on Slender's tentacles. "Go!" Ryan yelled as he helped Michael stand. Gavin quickly snapped out of his small trance and following Ryan out.

Just as Slender's appendages were a few inches behind them, they got past the gate. The appendages hit something, like a barrier and they could hear Slender's shriek of pain, like nothing they had ever heard before.

Gavin shut the gate and fell to his knees, his breathing rough. Ryan put Michael down against the wall and checked him over. "Your ok, w-we'll get you to the hospital?" Michael said nothing just smiled and blacked out again.


Michael groaned, opening his eyes slowly. He looked around when his vision slowly became less blurry. A hospital, yeah...a hospital.

He sighed and relaxed, then realised his boyfriends weren't there. He tried to sit up but groaned in pain when his body refused the movement.

Then Ryan came around a curtain and frowned, gently laying him back down. "Dont move, your still recovering." Michael looked up at Ryan and smiled. Ryan smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Wh-wheres the others?" Michael groaned.

"Geoff is asleep behind the curtain, Jack and the two are at home since they didn't need as much time to heal." Michael nodded and stared at the ceiling.

"That w-was a s-stupid fucking b-bet..." Ryan chuckled and kissed his forehead.

"At least you learn't your lesson." Michael nodded with a breathy chuckle. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. He will definitely not be doing that again.

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