Dawn finds something.

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Sunset at the Slime cave;

   "Runa! Wake up!" Troy yelled. Runa slowly moaned and opened her eyes to him, showing now emotion as she whispered. "What?"

Troy held a medium sized bowl up to her. "It's been hot. I haven't seen you drink much water the last day or so. And you've been asleep all day so I got you some water from your little town. Mother went to sea to get me some new toys, so hurry."

Runa tried her best to sit up, and took the bowl. She sipped carelessly, letting water trickle down her chin. When only a quarter was left, she threw her sheets off and dumped the water over her head, gasping happily before laying down and falling asleep again.

"Um. . .Alright. " Troy said as he took the bowl back. He jumped up and sat against her in the hammock, putting his hand on her head. "What's wrong Runa?" He asked with a smile. She whimpered, moving her rist, but then her head fell and she was asleep. Troy got off and ran to the water, getting knee deep, and whistled a tune. From the water came a blue slime with long hair and big cheeks. "Dawn. My pet is sick, can you come tell me what to do?"

"Haha! You have a pet now? What would your mother think about it?" Dawn gave an evil, taunting smile. Troy glared at her threatningly. "I'm teasing. My lips be sealed for as long as I have lips. Haha!!" Troy led her to Runa, and allowed her to examine her sleeping body. Dawn had collected many medical books and scrolls from numerous places, so she knew a lot about the human body. Troy sometimes borrowed these books, but nothing he had read made any sense for the current situation.

"Troy, your pet is suffering from um....Hm....Haha! Look how cute her pink, heated cheeks are when she's asleep! Oh I want one Troy! Haha! But yes, she is suffering from heat stroke if I'm not mistaken. This is serious. Get her out of the sun, give her plenty of water to drink, and keep her awake. Maybe feed her as well. I felt her stomach growl at me. It was adorable! " Dawn cried out. Troy tapped his chin, and told her to watch Runa and cover for him. When she agreed, Troy ran off to get as many bottles as he could, stuffed them in a bag, and ran to Applewood to fill them. Calm yet quickly,  he filled the bottles and put corks in them to keep them filled. He ran and ran until he reached the rocks. 'If Dawn rats me out. . . I will strangle her slimy neck.....But she's such a good friend! She's always been this way! trust her!.....But she's getting on my nerves. . . Why can't she be serious!?' Troy fought with his thoughts until stopping flatly at the sight of an empty hammock with the sheets folded nicely.

"Troy! Over here! Look!" Dawn called from the further part of the hanging tree. He looked over and saw Runa's body floating with the simple waves of the ocean. He watched for a moment, noticing that she was breathing, and dropped the bottles with a sigh. "Isn't she adorable, Troy?"

Troy walked out to Runa, and carried her back to the hammock. She was still sleeping, but she looked better. As he positioned her upright, he noticed something odd about her neck. There was a strange mark hidden by her hair that seemed to lead down to under her dress. Before he could move her hair in curiosity, Runa took a loud gasp and jumped up, holding her chest.

"Hahaha! Look at the little human waking from a nightmare! Troy isn't she just adorable?" Dawn whispered from behing the rock, tugging on his pants.

"Shush! Runa? How is my pet?" He said, petting her head.

"Oh Troy!! Hi! How long have you been here? Are you ok? OH!! Troy! Troy! I need water!"

Franticly, Troy handed her the many bottles, and tried to match her speed of thought and body movement. She took the bottles and drank quickly, then slowed into a small gulping.

"She looks like a wee little baby suckling on her mother. Oh Troy where did you find her?" Dawn said with admiration and adoration. Troy pointed torward the town, though too far to see with the naked eye, and continued to watch the girl drink from the bottles at a steady pace. Occationaly she'd stop, lay down and take a few breaths, then continue. She had started the second half of the third bottle, and Dawn pulled on Troy's arm. "Troy, stop her. She mustn't drink so much so fast. " Troy did as she commanded, and Runa fell asleep again.

"That's it. I'm done. Dawn, look after her. I'm going to take a nap. " Troy said with a huff, walking back to the cave. Dawn smiled brightly, and slid her way to the tree to hand over Runa.

"You're mine for tonight darling...Dawn will protect you from the slime mother..." Dawn stroked her cheek, and hummed to herself. She studied Runa's face, learning and taking in every detail. She watched Runa breath, and counted the seconds between each inhale and release. She studied Runa's skin, and touched her hair, moving it away from her face and shoulder. "Oh?" Dawn repositioned herself for better focus. "Now what is this?"

Moving Runa's shoulder lining of her dress, Dawn saw an odd mark. The way the lighting was, it was hard to tell what color it was. She moved the clothing down slowly to see what the mark followed to. Her eyes widened, her mouth opened wide, and her heart rate hightened greatly, causing her to shriek.  "TROY!!!"

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