Dear Diary,

Tonight I learned that the feeling of being in a man's arms is an addiction. At least being in Damien's arms is my addiction. I also learned that he does have feelings for me physical and emotional. I should probably write down what happened before someone notices im gone and comes looking for me.

Okay well, today's party was as extravagant as all the others. Tables crowded with food, an open space to dance, maids and butlers walking around catering to the guests every need. We were all dressed up in our finest clothes, I dressed in a navy blue off shoulder dress. this one didn't need all the extra layers to make the skirt puff but I still had to wear a corset underneath. Some people were quite shocked at my lack of... elegant wear, I guess you would call it. Look it's nearing summer and the palace is getting warmer and warmer not to mention the ballroom and dinning hall were packed with people. Anyways I congratulated my cousin and her new husband i think the earl of some town not too far away. Honestly all the lessons I've been learning seemed to go in one ear and out the other, all I know for a fact is that he is a man with status and that is all my cousin cares about.

As per another usual, I spotted Damien by a wall not too far from me but far enough that he could scope out the whole room easily. He came to pick me up from my room earlier with not so much as a word. He didn't even compliment my looks or even a good evening. I tried initiating the conversation but I received one word answers or none at all. I got frustrated quickly and tried to remove my hand that was wrapped around the arm he had offered me but he would have none of it and tightened his grip, holding my wrist hostage under his arm. He kept his composure even though I struggled until we got to the ballroom doors. When they opened he stepped back holding my captured hand in his and led me down the wide velvet red staircase then bowed and kissed the back of my hand once we reached the end. It was hard not to notice the eye contact he kept with me the whole time but I couldn't tell what he was thinking for all I know it was disgust.

While he disappeared into the mass crowd of guests I was bombarded with compliments and question about him; how handsome and strong he looked and if he had any brothers in the king's army as well. I quickly slipped away and managed to reach my father who apparently had been talking about me.

"Ah and here she is, my daughter," My father smiled when he pulled me in for a hug "Evelyn dear, meet my friend Duke McClain he's the laird of a nicely laid out land in Scotland. This is another friend of mine's son, Allen Dunham, he is an English earl who's estates are much closer to where Margret and her husband's than ours are."

I was not surprised in the slightest instead I had been planning on it. I casually looked around covering up the fact that I was looking for Damien. As always he stood not too far from me but enough to see the whole room. His emotionless face was turned towards me but his eyes were everywhere else. But not to worry though, my plan was only just beginning.

"Wow a laird and an earl, it's a pleasure to meet you both, I'm sorry to say that I haven't met or seen either of you before tonight." I commented politely.

"Yes well tonight isn't just about the new bride and groom, it's also about making alliances that will last." Duke held my left hand and kissed my knuckles while Allen did the same with my right.

"You are quite a sight of beauty, if I may be so inclined to say, princess." Allen complimented.

Psh, yeah like flattery would work on me, I've got my heart set on another and this was not where I wanted those words to come from. But for the sake of my plan I'll have no choice but to endure their attentions. I put on a shy smile and gave them the classic flattered bodily language of a shrugged shoulder and slight turning of my body. I watched women do it all the time and it worked like a charm on plenty of those idiots.

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