Chapter 3

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Next day

I was walking around the beautiful park in none other than LA California. I was bumed  about what happened yesterday, but if she is too ignorante to grow up and realize her age to her music then why should I care about her.

She is a 20 year old  girl not just some stupid 12 year old girl that rocks out to Kiss You all freaking day long. I put in my earbuds and listened to Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Something Kali would never even bother listening to, because it scares her.

Just as the song hit the base drop, I droped. Literally. I full on fell on someone. I got up and helped the other person up, to my surprise it was one of the One Direction members, I mean come on. I may not like them, but when you're a friend, ex-friend, to a direction you learn everything about them.

"Hey aren't you that guy from that annoying pop band?" I asked as i took out my blaring earbuds. He just laughed.

"Well I wouldn't call myself annoying, but yes that's me, I'm Niall Horan." He laughed.

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