What's he doing!!!!!?????


"Just stay like this for a little longer" he whispered in my ear.


A few seconds later he let me go. What's with him? All of a sudden he attacked me with a hug. I sat on the bed and he came next to me.

"I-I like you" he murmured.


"I like you. I tried to keep it hidden but when I see you with kai and Sehun my anger builds up and it hurts"

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't know" I frowned.

"It's fine"

I feel so bad. I didn't know this was hurting him. Heck I didn't even know he liked me. What am I supposed to do.

Love is like an addiction and I'm sure you can overdose from it. Luhan is having feelings that I've been having for someone else.

Sehun POV~

"I-I like you" he told her.

I'm gonna hurt him. As I was about to walk into the room Seon started to talk. I'm glad her words weren't "I like you too".


"I like you. I tried to keep it hidden but when I see you with kai and Sehun my anger builds up and it hurts"

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't know" she answered.

"It's fine"

Does this mean she doesn't like him. Hopefully she doesn't. I still haven't gotten an answer from her yet. I'll wait till she's ready.

It's going to be soon I hope.

Seon POV~

Luhan left the room after I told him I was tired. When he left I put my face into the pillow then screamed.

I like Luhan but only as a brother or best friend. I don't have the heart to tell him though.

"Can I come in"? someone asked.


Sehun walked in and closed the door behind him. Everything he does makes my heart flutter.

I'm positive if I talked a lot more with Sehun I'd of fallen for him first. Kai was kind and that's probably why I liked him.

Sehun is funny, kind, and caring. Also he has a way of making me happy by just being next to me.

"Wanna go somewhere tonight"? he asked.

"W-where"? I stuttered.

"Just be ready at 9:00" he smirked and left our room.


I put on tan jeans and a black knit top. Its 8:55 and I've already had dinner. Its colder outside so I'm wearing warmer clothes.

"Let's go" Sehun smiled by the door.

I smiled back and walked up next to him. He linked our arms together and pulled me closer to him.

We arrived at a trail in a forest. We are wolves so it's not like we're scared of it. I'm just scared on what he wants to do.

After we hiked for a bit we reached the top. It's beautiful. I could see the Milky Way above us.

Sehun turned to me and grabbed my shoulder so I was also facing him. He shyly smiled and hugged me.

"I know Luhan confessed to you. I also like you. I envy him for being able to get a response out of you." Her told me.


"I've been waiting for your reply since I told you. Every time I see you I need clarification. When we have moments like this I think she will say YES"

"I'm sorry" I frowned.

"Don't be. Just tell me your answer"

I just realized while staring at his eyes with the milky way behind him that the feeling luhan has for me.......

That feeling of overdosing on love. I have for Sehun.

It's always been Sehun.

It'll always be Sehun. No matter what, he is my one and only. I'm upset that I just figured this out.

I need to thank Kai and Luhan for helping me realize that he's my true love. The moment I met him........ Somehow I knew this would happen.




It's short and it's been a long time.

Stupid school has be super busy. I'm sorry.


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