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Jefferson and stella are now close friends they go to the mall Jefferson said do want dresses clothes pants shorts bra panties just tell me what you want i will treat you almbim of Taylor Swift The Script Selina Gomez or do you want to watch Movies play at the timezone Stella said no i dont need panties or bra or etc. I want to be happy and i want to play at the time zone my treat its because you treat me at the McDonalds now i will treat you at the Time zone do not deny my offer please my pleasure Jefferson and stell go to the time zone and play basketball Stella cannot shoot the ball into the ring Jefferson hold the hand of Stella and said this  is how you shoot you put your hand at the side of the ball and you throw the ball look the ball shoot Jefferson look at Stella While Stella is very happy that she shoot the ball at the ring When Stella look at Jefferson stella look at the eyes of Jefferson and Stella look at the lips of jefferson and they look each other and Stella said Oh sorry can we play volleyball at the ground Jefferson said sure why not?

They both walked to the ground Stella is kept on looking Jefferson stella said into her mind i think im inlove with you again? I dont know whats your secret but i think im inlove with you Jefferson And Jefferson said we are here at the ground Jefferson said stay there i'll get some ball

Stella said i cannot expect this kind of situation whats your secret why im i inlove with you please can you tell me its because of your face? Eyes? Lips? Nose? Height? What??

Jefferson just arrived and said are you okay if you want to go home i will take you home  Stella said no im alright im fine now can we play if he knows how to play basketball he don't know how to play volleyball we are opposite i always spike him and he said wow! I cannot believe that you do that to me i thought Hannah only knows how to spike i've got little disappointed its because he say the name of Hannah its okay we are  not in a relationship we are just friends i told Jefferson that im so tired i will finish the book that i buy okay bye Jefferson i have my car you dont need to take me home Jefferson said oh okay are you sure that are you okay? Stella said yes im okay okay bye Jefferson said bye

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