Chapter 21

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Cameron's POV

Wow. I finally kissed the girl I loved. Even tho she was dating Nash it was amazing. The best part was she kissed back

After about ten minutes she pulled away and ran. I was left speechless.

I wonder if she felt the sparks too. No matter how hard it is to admit it, it was there.

Does she like me? Or Nash?

I really just hope in the end she chooses me.

I am gonna mark my territory and make her mind.

Elayna's POV

I can't believe I did that. I felt so bad. I felt sparks tho so I'm honestly stuck now.

Do I like Cam? Or Nash?

So I confronted my bestfriend. Alex was sitting there smiley and she told me what happened to her.

I then told her what happened to me.

Her jaw just dropped. Nash entered the room. Alex walked out. Oh Great here comes the heart brake.

Nash sat down next to me. He hugged me. Wow he hugged me.

He then spoke. "Look I saw you and Cam, I understand this is hard and he made a move first. It was a general respond to kiss back."

I just nodded in pure shock.

Nash spoke again. "Me and you are not dating right now, I want you to make the right decision. Let me know when make your choice."

Nash then walked out of the room.

I then heard him tell Cameron and they agreed to let me make the decision. This was hard.

Matt's POV

I told everyone about Alex and me again. Everyone was really happy and said I better not mess up again. I just nodded.

I noticed Taylor was gone.

Shawn told me Taylor kinda just walked away. That's his problem not mine.

Nash and Cam walked in. They both looked mad, sad, and a mix of emotions.

They explained the Elayna situation. Wow I hope they figure it out.

I don't even know who to ship anymore. I was just grateful Alex was gonna be mine again.

Hayes seemed upset too. I got the hint he liked her too. To bad, she's mine.

I'm also really happy that her and Taylor didn't do the Nashty.

It's gonna be me and not Taylor or Hayes.


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