Chapter 10

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I hanged the dolphin figurine along with my necklace, so that I can give it to her immediately once I found her.

We are currently at downtown, buying essential things that is not really essential to me. Like things that I don't really care if it exist, as far as I can remember I never brought something with me whenever I'm outside the guild. Infact, whenever our team goes for a mission only one person is capable of handling such mountainous luggage; and that's Erza.

I sighed, I'll change someday; I've overcome my habit of stripping and maybe..just maybe... be more responsible.

"The villagers told me that they found Juvia's necklace at the south-eastern part of the forest. If we'll proceed going there by night time, we have a better chance of sneaking the restricted areas." White reported as she walk beside me with the same pace as mine, I nod for her to continue but then she didn't. That's better.

"By the way, White... What are the essential things that you bought?" I ask while looking at the other side.

"Uh.. A backpack of course, and a bunch of canned foods, water, lots of batteries, flashlight, tent, blanket, match, and dry hiking clothes with a magic sensor that come along with an auto-compass." she muse. I gaze at her vacantly and planted a wry smile

"Wow, I could really imagine myself using all of those things. I mean, we're just going to investigate their investigation not planning on going for a little camping." I said, more in a contradiction though.

"Fine!" she blurted out "How am I supposed to bring this things back to their respective vendors?!" she ask while handing out the bag.

I surrendered my hand and rolled my eyes;

"People make mistakes, not all the time... though, so let's bear with your essential things along with our little trip." I stolid, she made a practiced sarcastic laugh and trip my shoulders, intentionally.

"Whatever you say, Fullbuster.."

"Tell me about the restricted areas." I suddenly spoke, she stop and face me with a huge question mark plastered in her face, literally.

"You mentioned it earlier." I added.

"Oh...." she mutter which I obviously heared, "I think this is not the right time to talk about it. Maybe later or tomorrow morning?"

"Why it has to be detained?" I ask unreasonably, she shrugged and shook her head.

"I have to assort some things before I entirely report it to you. I'm not really sure about that information because it was just sent using an aura communication. Moreover, we'll be leaving tomorrow morning right?" she said as she entertain the air..

[Caru- Sounds crazy, yeah?

Gray- Not really... *walk away]

"Yep, be sure to be early tomorrow." I mumbled under my breath, she smiled and jutted off while waving her left hand to me. I raise my empty hand and once dissapeared from my sight, I diverted my attention to the cabin just above the hill.


"Are they awake?" The man ask, now, in a different theme; The purple curtain that once cascaded elegantly back then was full of cat's scratches, red smudges tainted the hue and a huge dark-crimson--almost not visible symbol was shown on the devastated garment.

"No, sir. They are still in the process of recovering." The soldier in a red armor responded,

"The insignias?" he stand up away from his table and walk forward to the large painting displayed in the wall.

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