Oh no!!

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Vics p.o.v

Oh no he knows i heard vikky mutter. I know what? Nothing just, when is kelly gonna get here. Soon sweet one. *knock knock* i got it vic! Vikky yelled.

Victorias p.o.v

I swing the door open and see the perfect tall figure of a teen. Hey kelly i scream and jump into his arms. Excuse me i heard a rude sounding voice say. I look up from my comfy spot on Kelleys neck. I saw a bitchy looking fake blonde. Is their a problem i asked with my arms still wrapped around Kellin and him still holding me. Yes bitch your latched onto my boyfriend now get off of him skank. Kellin your just gonna let her talk to me like that. His eyes said sorry but he said get off of me. I let go and jumped to the ground and ran up to my room.

Kellins p.o.v

Why did you say that! I screamed at my girlfriend ,kailey. Because the bitch was hugging you. Whatever im done with you you controlling bitch. What! I hate you leave me alone! Gladly bitch i shot back. She ran off. I ran inside and up to Victoria's room. I opened her door and saw her crying. I sat next to her on her bed and lifted her chin up...


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