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The next morning, Drew attempted to sleep in as planned but could not help but feel mildly concerned for Cameron. Even if he could get annoying, that didn't mean he wanted him to die.

Subconsciously, Drew got out of bed and got dressed, not really knowing where he was going until the cold morning air slapped him as the door opened. He looked around to ensure the amount of daylight before starting down the trail. The sun was recognizable in the sky by the time Drew reached the infirmary.

Friendlier in the light of day, the open doors of the care unit welcomed him and he felt safer. He trudged inside and looked around in hopes of finding someone who could help. The room he was in now appeared to be a long, wide hall, smaller rooms sprouting off of it as he went further.

Divided from these rooms by curtains, Drew could not see any sign of Cameron's presence and looked around for one of the caretakers. Seeing no one at first glance, he approached Cameron's room and peered in. No one was inside and Drew glanced up and down the hall.

It became clear to him that no one was here and silence became thick. Drew turned and walked out of the infirmary, and back towards his hut to wake Adam.

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