FYI, Ricci is pronounced as 'Rixxi' for some odd reason you will later find out.


They met at the candy store.

Ricci got so angry at him because he made her drop her basket that was full of candy.

She was on her period.

Michael said: what the hell? Are on your period or something?

Ricci replied with hardcore laughter: Shit, what a coincidence.

Michael: are you serious?

Ricci: Yeah, oh god.

*Ricci continues laughing*

Michael: are you okay?

Ricci: yeah, I'm like this all the time.

*ricci smiles*

*michael smiles*

Michael thinks that Ricci is very damn beautiful and wants to grab her face and slam his face onto hers because damn.

*michael giggles*

Michael: I'm Michael.

Ricci looks around her then looks at Michael.

Ricci: I'm Ricci.

*Ricci fake smiles*

Michael: Ricci? I've never heard of it.

Ricci: Well, I was named after Christina Ricci so basically my name is a last name. Ricci Quinteros.

*Ricci fake smiles again*

Michael: Well at least you have a unique name. My name is Michael fucking Clifford.

*Ricci Laughs again*

Ricci: Like the dog?

Michael: what dog?

Ricci: from that kids show, hang on I'll show you.

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