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We left the club and walked down the streets, our hands clap else's together: The air is cold, enough for my breath to condense into white most before they scatter into the wind. My stranger is silent as I follow his echoing footsteps.

I tilt my head up to him, watching his guarded expression. I never realized he is extremely tall until he's standing right next to me.

"Why are you in that club? You don't look like your interested in having a relationship with a girl."

Michael glances down at me. "Men go clubbing so they can hook up, angel. They don't form relationships."

"So you're not interested in a relationship?"



Michael is a beautiful man. I know ladies would jump his bones if they can. He can choose any woman he likes, yet why does he choose to remain single?

"Because I don't believe in love," he simply replies. "I detest that word."

His words stuns me to silence. It seems we're more similar than I thought.

"I agree. I too, don't believe love is an ever-lasting emotion. To me, love is only temporary. It fades within time. If only I can have a relationship without the expectation of giving my heart away to someone, life would've been much more simpler."

I met Luke in high school and we've been dating for over 4 years. But recently, he started to talk about moving in with him, and my heart panicked. I'm happy with Luke. He's romantic and a gentle love. Yet despite all that, my heart has never fluttered when I'm with him. It's all moving too fast and I'm not ready. I will never be ready.

Michael snakes his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him, until we stand chest to chest. "So you just want to hook up with no attachments?" His lips hovers close to mine, and I suddenly forget how to breathe.

"Y-Yes," I manage to reply. My head is tipsy, and I wonder if this is m talking or the alcohol. It doesn't matter. It's the truth.

"Then shall we test that?" His eyes twinkle with mischief.

"What do you mean?"

He turns around until I notice a hotel in front of me. My mouth opens slightly as I watch the tall building, knowing what's behind those closed doors.

"Shall we... go in?" His words breathes into my eyes, before he bites my ear love gentle with his teeth.

"Ahhh." My whole body jerks from his touch.

"Is that a yes?" he growls softly, his voice even more huskier than before.


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