Chapter 8

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I look over at him and slowly stop laughing as he glares at me. 'Shiiiiit! he's really protective of Amy!' I think to myself.

Amy's POV -

I wake up to the sound of 'We Can't Stop' by Miley Cyrus playing loudly from my phone.

I immediately hit snooze, and roll over to go back to sleep but that idea is quickly dismissed as Jessie and Mahogany jump on my bed and shove me off while yelling "TIME TO GET UP, WE HAVE TO CATCH A FLIGHT!!!" "I hate you" I growl as I give them a dirty look and pick up the pillows that fell on the floor along with me. "Thanks bae, love you too!" Jessie jokes and blows a kiss while sassily walking over to her suitcase.

"Are the guys awake yet?" I ask them as I stand up. "Nope" Mahogany says, popping the 'p'. I look at both of the girls and smirk "Are you thinking what I'm thinking!?" I ask both of the girls. They smirk and then we're all running to some of the guys rooms with megaphones and pillows.

We barge into their room "GET UP! GET UP! WE CAN'T BE LATE!" We yell through the megaphones while throwing pillows at them.

Cam jolts up in fright, causing him to go tumbling off the bed. We all fall into fits of laughter. Basically the same thing happened in all the guys rooms until we got them all up and ready to go to the airport.

"OMG where's the driver?" Taylor complains. "Stop complaining!" I say and bump his arm.

The driver Bart had called for us was late. Hopefully we'll make our flight in time, or otherwise we might miss a show.

About 5 more minutes passed until the driver finally showed up in a limo van.

We all piled in with our bags and headed to the airport.

We all thanked the driver and ran inside. "Shit!" I hear one of the guys yell from behind me, we carry on and end up only just making our flight.

I sit beside Nash on the flight.

I put one earphone in and hand him the other, he smiles and takes it. I put a playlist on that Nash had made on my phone yesterday, it consisted of random songs that were on my phone that both of us liked. I nuzzled my head into his shoulder and felt his arm wrap loosely around my shoulder.

"We better not crash" Nash laughs at me and looks at me confused. "I'm serious, this plane better not crash" Nash laughs at me again, "Amy, the planes not going to crash" he says while rubbing my shoulder. "Well it could"

"Amy! wake up" I hear someone say while shaking my shoulder slightly.

"OMG WE'RE CRASHING! NASH YOU LIED! WE'RE GOING TO DIE" I say loudly. Nash just cracks up laughing. "Nash this isn't funny we're going to die!" He carries on laughing until finally saying, "I was just going to say the plane landed" he says and starts laughing again. "Omg!" I say as I facepalm my self.

Once we all piled out of the plane and got our bags at baggage claim we headed towards a man standing outside the airport beside a limo van with a sign saying 'Magcon'.

I wave and briskly walk over with my arms linked with Jessie and Mahogany on either side.

"OH MY GOD AWWWWWW!" I yell and stop abruptly and point to an old couple hugging outside the airport with big smiles spread across their faces.

I hear a choruses of 'awwwww's' as we all look in their direction.

Once we got to the hotel we were staying at for the event we collected our room keys and decided who was staying with who.

"Mahogany, Jessie and me are staying in a room!" I yelled as we ran toward the elevator.

I grabbed my room key out of my pocket and we all scrambled into the room after opening the door.

I collapsed to my knees on the ground beside me bed "OH MY GOD!" I yelled. "They have chocolates on the pillows!" I said dramatically while carefully picking up the mini chocolate and showing it to Jessie and Mahogany. "Are you high?" Jessie questioned. "Matter of fact no" I said and ate the chocolate and throwing the wrapper at Jessie. "Feeling the love" She said while laughing.

Jessie's POV -

I hear a knock at the door and open the door to see Hayes awkwardly standing there fiddling with his fingers.

"Hey Hayes!" I say smiling.

"Hey! Can I talk to you?" He scratches the back of his neck, 'God he looks hot when he's nervous' "What?" he says while laughing a bit. "What?" I repeat with a confused look on my face. "You just said I look hot when I'm nervous" my eyes go wide and I stutter awkwardly "Shit did I say that out loud!?" He laughs a bit and scratches the back of his neck again. "Um anyway..." He says nervously, "Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow?" I smile a mile wide smile and nod my head vigorously, "Yes oh my god!" He smiles and pulls me into a hug. "Be ready at 6" He says while smiling widely. "Okay" I wave as he heads back to his room.

I open the door and Mahogany and Amy go tumbling to the ground. "Were you guys listening!?" I say while laughing. "YES! OH MY GOD YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE!!" Mahogany and Jessie yell in unison.

I smile widely as we all start jumping up and down and yelling.

Amy's POV -

The guys had just about finished the end of the event, they just had some more fans to meet.

A really pretty girl with Brunette, just above the boob hair (I couldn't think of another way to explain it 😄) and really pretty green eyes walks over to me "Hi, can I please get a photo?" I nod my head and smile awkwardly, I don't know why anyone would want a photo with me, I'm just Matt's sister!

I smile in the photo with my arm around her shoulder. "Thank you!" she squels happily. "No problem" I smile at her as she goes over to one of the guys booths.

I notice her looking at Nash and wink in his direction. My head spins around to look at Nash waving in her direction.

I can't tell if he was smirking at her, he better not of been though. I'll slap that little shit with a fly swat if he flirts with her.

I think Jessie noticed me looking at them, as she came up behind me "Don't worry about it Amy, Nash totally likes you!" she says while putting her arm around my shoulder. I smile but not fully believing her.

After the show we walk back to the hotel to all hang in Nash, Cam and Hayes' room. I was walking slowly at the back of the group with my hands in my pockets. "Hey! you alright sis?" I hear Matt say from beside me. "Yeah" I reply, not looking in his direction. "What's wrong Amy?" he stops walking and forces me to look at him. "I think a girl at the meet and greet was flirting with Nash" "Amy! There's always going to be fans trying to flirt with all the guys, if Nash flirted back it was probably because he didn't want to make her upset." He says and then hugs me.

After pulling away from the hug I look up at Matt "If he flirted with her i'll slap him with a fly swat!" He laughs and we carry on walking to Nash, Cam and Hayes' room.

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