The next morning I woke up and got in the shower.After I got change into some denim high wasted shorts and a white crop top,with black black vans,and put my hair into a messy bun.I got into my car and drove off to school.For once,I was early.I walked into home room, which was empty, then sat on top of the desk just starring out the window.I didn't realize how long I was starring until the class piled into the room.

"You're going to break the table if you don't get down!" Jai yelled across the room from behind my back.

The rest of the class were here,and laughed in response.I however wasn't going to stoop to his level.So I just simply rolled my eyes not even turning around.

"I can hear it cracking." Daniel seemed to joke at my expense.

I rolled my eyes again,thinking about how pathetic they are.When are they going to grow up?I thought to myself.

"Mckenzie,get of the table."Our teacher said as he walked through the door.

I hopped down off the table into my seat.

"Thank you."

He continued to take attendance while I just sat there a doodle on the graffiti table.

"Can you raise your hand if your're coming to the parent's evening tonight,so we can get an idea of who's coming and not.Also,to see how many people will attend."The teacher said.

I turned to face the class.Everybody but me had their hands raised in the air or slightly.I noticed certain people had their eyes on me,like they were waiting for me to put my hand up.I saw James whisper something to Jai because he smirked.Clearly about me.James was looking at me when he had said it.Probably something stupid about how I don't have parents.

"Mckenzie you won't be coming." The teacher asked in a question.

"Oh i'll be there." I cockily replied.

Then smirked at the "popular's" who had a confused face.

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