-36- Candle Light

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(A/N: This is a long-ish author's note, so if you don't like them then please skip until there isn't any more italics ^^ Anyways, this chapter is dedicated to my unni who is so kind and go follow ! If you want XD And also, a future chapter of this story - if you didn't know - is called Goodbye Summer, which is inspired by the song itself by f(x). It fits SO WELL with this story beforehand so, just giving you a heads up ^^ maybe it could be a bonus chapter. Hmmm... :3 Anyways, the last two chapters were about how Nani's father died and why she's struggling which means I get to check that off my list of things to clarify in this story! And I think I pretty much explained Baekhyun's family relationships (unless you guys want me to do a chapter or two on that... do you guys even read this? XD) and Nani and Minwoo are friends again but I have only TWO things left on the list!!! It means this story is ALMOST AT AN END!!! Which I pretty much already planned out... yeah... so sad. Lemme just say, it's probably not gonna happen for a little while. A LITTLE while. Let's hope this doesn't have to end this story too soon TT^TT how sad would that be? Just kidding. They will pop up maybe a few times in the rest of my series I guess. Maybe. Anyways, I have probably wasted your time with this author's note. I will get going now. Hope you enjoy this update and have a good day/night, beautiful readers!!)

Nani woke up with arms wrapped around her, making her feel safe and secure. These arms that have embraced her for so long, yet have never felt like this before. His sweet scent lingered around her, and she was intoxicated with it. He was mumbling in his sleep again, chin near the top of her head, laying on his side next to her. She wished they could stay like this forever, and she was pretty sure she had hours before he fully woke up.

She slowly turned so that she was facing him, watching his eyelids lightly flutter as he mumbled in his slumber. Nani giggled and placed a hand on the side of his face, caressing him. His mouth slowly curved up as he continued to sleep, making her smile also. 

Happy birthday to me, I have my Baekkie, he's still like a child, but he's perfect to me. 

The girl giggled at her little rhyme and she continued to watch him sleep when her phone lightly buzzed. She turned over and was surprised to see it was from a close friend.

To: Song Nani

From: Minwoo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU OLD GAL~! From, Boyfriend (and Minwoo)

Ignore that.

Aww look our maknae is angry.


See, Nani? Our lil angry maknae XD anyways


Nani laughed at the text when suddenly Baekhyun slowly woke up.

"What's so funny?" he grumbled, rubbing his eyes like a puppy.

She shook her head. "Boyfriend members are just wishing me happy birthday."

"It is your birthday, isn't it?" he smiled and poked her nose. "That makes me feel so old."

She sighed. "Well at least we woke up early so we can-"

"Go on a date," Baekhyun interrupted. "Remember our first date?"

Nani frowned. "The other day?"


"... I don't know. When?"


Nani's mouth formed an 'o' shape and she nodded. "Heh... yeah, like that one."

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