Chalter 21 Still Fallin

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Chapter 21 Hunter's POV

" lemme see ! " I said sitting on the couch waiting , she opened the door and came out ," are you serious right now ?" She said before I started busting out laughing, " you look so cute Kendall Jade ." I said barely breathing from my laughter . She was wearing one of my shirts which looked like she was wearing a dress because it was so big on her and so basketball shorts . She looked down ," your so lucky my shorts haven fallen off ." I smiled still laughing , "I want to see that ." " your gross . It's not funny ." " ok ok I'm sorry ." I said laughing a little . She just stood there looking at me with a serious face ," hey look at the bright side-" she interrupted me "there is NO bright side ." I got up and walked up to her, " where are your pjs ? " she asked ," oh , I sleep in my underwear shirtless ." I paused ," your putting pants on ." She said ," fine ." Kendall yawned ," I'm tired ." " I know ." I said grabbing her hand and walking her into my bedroom , I let go and walked into my bathroom and closed the door , I took my shirt off and my pants and put on some basketball shorts and brushed my teeth. That took about 4 mins , when I walked out , I saw Kendall passed out on the bed ," wow she was tired." I laughed , I picked her up , laid her down the right way , pulled he blankets over her and kissed her head . Walked over to my side , laid down , pulled the covers over me , turned the light off and just looked at the ceiling . Not just looking at it because I wanted to , but looking at it feeling so lucky, so blessed with everything that is going on right now..

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