Eden sat in the driver's seat of her mum's car that she had borrowed for the night. She had the heat running as she kept eyes on the corner store that she was told to meet at by the fake Laura. The sky had just settled into it's darkness for the night, the street lights taking over the natural one; the sun. Eden waited for 15 minutes watching as people walked in and out of the shop every few minutes or so. That was when she saw a person with their head down, round the corner and look over to the bench by the side of the building before taking a seat. Their black coat was down to their mid-thigh, blue jeans, hat and boots. She watched intently as they pulled out their phone, typed something and then locked it, keeping it in the warmth of their palms. Their head just rose as Eden's phone vibrated on the passenger seat. She snatched it up and unlocked it:

new message from laura 

7:07PM no show? 

     Instead of responding, she switched off her car and hopped out. Eden crossed the parking lot and looked both ways before crossing the street with her hands dug in her coat pockets. As she neared the man, his head still remained to stay down. 

     "Hi Laura." She grabbed his attention.Harry looked up at her and smirked before standing to his feet. 

     "Surprise." He said, his grin not fading. 

     "Actually, not a surprise." Eden said not entertained. 

     "Turning cold all of the sudden are we?" Harry asked as one of his eyebrows raised. 

      "What do you mean?" She questioned harshly. 

     "Well, I'd expect you to be not as closed up since you have been texting me for three or four weeks now..." His eyes narrowed. 

     "Yes, but I didn't know it was you. You fooled me." She said as she knit her eyebrows at him. 

     "You implied you already had a feeling it was me." He laughed. 

     "Yes, a mere feeling. Anyways, this was great. I'm going to leave now." Eden said as she pointed back to the parking lot, but not specifically her car. She started to turn around and walk away but only managed to walk a short distance before he came up beside her.

     "Oh, don't shut me out now, Eden. You've talked to me without knowing it was me and you didn't have a problem." Harry said as he grabbed her arms gently to make her look at him. 

     "Yes, but it's a problem now, not because I found out who you are, but because you lied." Eden said angrily. 

     "You must be confused," He laughed a little before becoming serious again. "I never lied about anything when we talked."

     "What about who you were? You lied about that." She said. 

     "Well, that's a different story. But why does it matter?" Harry asked with furrowed eyebrows. 

     "I don't know..." She mumbled as she tried to walk away again. He started walking beside her as well.

     "What did they tell you that makes you so afraid to talk to me?" He asked honestly. 

     "Who? I'm not afraid to talk to you, Harry." She said as she played with the keys in her pocket. Eden kept her head down as they walked. She didn't know if she wanted to head to her car now or do something else to get him off her ass. 

     "People. Alright, fine then: why do you despise talking to me?" Harry rephrased his question. 

     "I'm certain that you won't want to hear all the details, but they revolve around you using people. They told me to steer clear of you which is what I'm trying to do, so please..." She said. Harry stopped walking with her and she only got a couple of meters ahead of him before he spoke.

     "You're trying to avoid me but I think you know different from other people. Give me a shot." He said as Eden turned around to see him shrugging. Neither of them moved closer or further away, it was just silent as she tried to come to a decision. I did want to see why people were turned away from him. I sort of didn't believe what people said: being spotted with that many girls. But then again I could be wrong. I mean, I would never know unless I saw it with my own eyes. 

    "...Yeah, sure. You've got the shot." Eden said.

     "Cool." He smiled and gave me two thumbs up as he started to turn on his heel to go back the way he came. "Actually, do you want to hang out?" Harry asked as he turned back to face Eden.

     "That was fast." She laughed a little. Eden looked around them before replying. "Do you mean right now?"

     "Yeah, I was hoping so. I have nothing else to do." He explained briefly with a straight face.

     "I guess? It's gotten pretty dark out. What could we do at this time of night?" She said as she meant for it to sound like a statement and not a question. Either way it came out like she was still trying to avoid him.

     "Doubting your decision already, doll-face?" He smiled again, "Did you drive?" He asked and She nodded. 

     "Did you?" Eden responded making small talk.

    "Of course. It's cold out you idiot." He shook his head and laughed. She pursed her lips in a straight line. 

      "Okay, so how are we going to do this? Am I driving to yours or are you coming to mine?" She asked. Eden knew they just became clear slate acquaintances, but this was how they needed to start. She needed to ask him questions and find more about him, kind of like he would for her too. When Eden was texting him, he was a whole different person then what he was portrayed as. And yes, I know he acted to be someone else but he specifically said that he didn't lie to me whenever we texted. Or did he? 

     "Mine is closer." Was all he said so she got the notion that they were headed there. 

     "Alright, I'll follow your car." Eden nodded once before turning back to the parking lot and heading off to her car. She got there before him because she guessed that the street he parked on was dark until it was illuminated by headlights. Eden saw his car pull out and then turn at the intersection and she put the gear into drive. 

     She followed his car down Coniston and just before the corner of turning onto Bowness Close, he pulled into a drive way. Eden parked her car behind his just as he got out. She took the keys out of the ignition and stepped out as well, peering up at his house. She had never been here even though she'd known Anne for quite a bit now. He waited at the front door as she walked up to him. Harry unlocked the door and had to give it a little extra push with his shoulder because it jammed. He laughed a little as he noticed the small smile creep up on Eden's face as she stepped into the foyer of the house. Her nose was hit with the smell of fresh linen and maybe a hint of air freshener. They kicked off our shoes at the front door on a mat. Past the small living room that broke off into a small dining area. He led her up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom where he shed his coat. 

      "Welcome to my humble abode." 

[an: sudden i know, but 21 chapters in, i think something should start so hi hello, she's giving him a chance to redeem himself from the stuff people say about him. you'll be seeing less of asshole harry now and more of the real harry aka what he actually is (silly, cheeky n' stuff)]



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