•chapter 3•

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Everything was blurry, I can see a fizzed version of beau in my face. "Wake up princesssss" beau shakes me slightly. I take in the surroundings, I'm outside my house, jai is laughing in my face.

"Hey, um are you okay?" A girl came up to me and rubbed my shoulder.

"Um I'm not sure, what happened exactly?" I cluelessly ask, while jai goes and gets a bottle of water.

"Well, what beau has told me, he said that you were going to tackle him and then you looked at me then you kinda got knocked out" the pretty girl said. "Yeah, I knocked you out real good" beau scoffed.

"Shut up faggot"

"Pfft whatever cunt I'm going inside" beau replied flatly.

I looked up at the pretty girl in front of me, and gave her my name

"Nice to meet you luke, I'm Hayley Sofia, and I can tell we will get on" she said with an evil smirk and walked away.

"Don't fall for me baby"

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