Chapter 11

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     “I came here for you! I-I thought you missed me just as much as I missed you!” She said tears starting to pool in her eyes, “I waited for you to come back Liam!” She said her throat tight. “I guess you didn’t mean it when you said that when you came back you were going to marry me. I took it seriously! I really believed that you would come back!” She said starting to walk towards Liam tearing Raven from Liam’s hold. She stumbled into Ian’s arms, and the mystery girl threw herself onto Liam, holding him in a tight hug, as the tears she was holding back were let lose wetting Liam’s shirt.

     “Hey there, calm down, sweetie.” He cooed rubbing her back, and hugging her lightly. He sent an apologetic smile towards Raven, and mouthed “I’ll explain later.” And pulled away to look at the girl in his arms. “Look at me.” He said softly cupping one of her cheeks when she looked up from his now damp shirt. “We were kids when I said that. Okay? I just a little kid, and I was being dumb, and stupid thinking that you were going to be the only one in my life. People change, and I’ve changed. You shouldn’t have taken that to heart, Melany, that was the only time that I was going to visit that area. I told you that, so to me it was obvious that I was only joking.” He explained to Melany, her pale blue eyes wide in both shock and disbelief.

     “B-but, Liam…” She said her voice only a whisper. “I WAITED FOR YOU!!! I WAITED FOR SIX YEARS!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY GUYS I TURNED DOWN FOR YOU!? LIAM! I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS REAL!! EVEN IF IT WAS ONLY WHEN WE WERE KIDS! I LOVE YOU LIAM, I HAD FAITH THAT YOU WERE GOING TO COME BACK TO ME LIKE YOU PROMISED ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!” She yelled, then dropped her head, and said under her breath. “I thought you meant it, and I waited. But you never came, I wanted to surprise you today.” She looked at him, tears still falling from her eyes. “But you surprised me.” She choked out, then she dropped her head low on her shoulders.

     Liam simply looked at her carefully, and he hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry.” He whispered onto the top of her head.

     “Come on Raven. Let’s give these two a moment.” Kenzie said as she tugged at Raven’s wrist leading her away from the scene. Raven looked at the two, and reluctantly walked with Kenzie and Ian. They walked in silence as their minds were still trying to wrap around what just happened.

     “Was he already someone else’s?” Raven said in a whisper, as tears fell down her face. She quickly wiped them away with her free hand, slightly shocked that she was crying.

     “It’s okay Raven.” Kenzie assured her. “I’m sure he didn’t remember her, which mean that he wasn’t someone else’s.”

     “But if he promised that to her and forgot, then.” She paused a bit, and took at deep sigh. “Would he forget about me too?” She said teary eyes looking up at her.

     “Why would he forget about you?” Ian said suddenly. Both Kenzie and Raven looked at him shocked, this is one of the rare times that he talked with the two of them. “You’re an impressionable person Raven. No one can forget you.” He said looking off into the distance, then looked down at her, and gave a halfhearted smile.

     Raven meekly smiled as she looked in front of her. “Yeah… I guess you’re right.” She said quietly.

     “I know I’m right.” He reassured her, as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.

     Raven’s smile slightly widened, just to make the two of them happy and worry-free. ~It’s all a lie Raven. You know they’re lying! ~ The voice in her head sneered. ~ Are you really buying this crap?! One day without you and they would have forgotten you! Look at how easy it was for Ryan to forget you! He just pushed you away as if you were a measly toy! ~ Her voice snickered, ~ you’re nothing to everyone Raven. ~ She finished, Raven plastered a fake smile on her face, when all she wanted to do was scream and yell, and cry her heart out, but she bottled it all inside.

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