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It hurt more than i could imagine. The way he said goodbye stung. It was like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I wanted to scream but i knew i couldn't. My eyes were leaking this cold liquid. Tears. I always hated crying!!

"I will no talk to you first." I read on the screen.

My only reply was 2 words. "I know."

It was like he was done! I couldn't imagine losing him...he was everything i loved and wanted. Leaving him to his peace would make him happy. It was the same routine everyday. We fought, we made up, things were great and then we fought again; this is what it was like everyday. It made me exhausted each time.

"Goodnight" I typed. He wouldn't reply. He wouldn't bother. And it all came back; the feeling of my chest caving in, the tears, the feeling of being unwanted. It all came back, faster, harder, stronger. I was alone.

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