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Part 5: Questions

    “No! Please!” I yowled, and punched the bed. I was clearly dreaming, and woke up with hot sweat. I had been dealing with horrible dreams for the passed few days. I often ignore those dreams and dragged it in the vault. But from that time, I sat down for a moment and analyzed my dreams.  I was going to spend my whole Saturday thinking about the odd particles in my mind. Then all of the sudden, as I was getting out of bed, our house phone rang. RING!!!

    “Hello, it’s Crystal?” I answered

    “Crystal! It’s Paige, you want to come mall?” Paige asks with excitement.

    “I’m really sorry, but I’m not allowed to. Besides, I don’t have money” I apologized with a frown.

“Well. It-it’s okay. See you on Monday then?”

“Yep. Sorry again, bye.”

“Bye.” she replied. Paige hung up first.

I felt bad I wasn’t going to come. I just couldn’t. My money that I was saving was for college stuff. I felt good that Paige understood. I went to our kitchen to grab some snacks, and decided to study for the calculus diagnostics test on Tuesday.

The next day, I woke up with a brick throat. Me, my mom, and my brother Sam planned to go to our Christian church. Unfortunately, we were all busy. So mom turned on the radio and listened to the latest preaching, “98.7 Christian Radio station!” the radio started. Sam’s thirteen, he still loved toys and video games. He was going to play, but mom said it was waste of electricity. I spent my whole day cleaning our room and the bathroom. I also went outside a raked the backyard full of assorted leaves. It was a productive Sunday.

Later afternoon in that day, mom approached me while I was cooking in the kitchen.

“Crystal. Please go inside the room. Your aunt is coming over.” she begged with red eyes.

“Mom what’s wrong?” I asked with worry.

“Nothing, something went on my eye and I rubbed it too hard. Go inside.” she explained. I sensed she was lying, I can tell from her expression.

“Alright.” I followed. I sauntered in the room, smelling like fried fish.

I was confused, however, I told myself that mom probably has a reason. I was sitting on the bed, reading my “novel” that I created. “The Destined Souls.” I smirked proudly. Someone was knocking at our front door. I looked at the window, it was raining really hard. I assumed it was aunt Beatrice because she always carries a yellow purse, her umbrella above her head. I couldn’t hear their conversation, and I didn’t want to.

I didn’t realize Sam was in the corner, near the closet. I peeked closely to what he was holding. It was my blue math notebook! That brat was drawing on my sophisticated notes. I exploded, and tried to grab it from him. I knew he knew that it was my notebook. I jumped out of bed and he ran outside the door, annoying me more with an evil grin.

“Get back here!” I yelled as I chased him with heavy steps, he went inside the bathroom near the kitchen. My body gave up, and walked lazily back to our room. I was, however, I heard my name. Mom was crying at aunt Beatrice, I could hear them from where I was. Of course I worried, so didn’t hesitate to listen.

“But Beatrice! I treated her like my own daughter!” mom cried, and continued in denial, “I know Crystal isn’t my blood, but I love her! I’m not giving her away for some stupid president. ” as she was crying, I felt her motherly tears.

It struck me. That fast, paralyzing adrenaline. I didn’t have any choice but to jump in the conversation. With my tears falling down, my heart beating fast, I ran towards mom.

“Mom. All that I just heard. Is it true?” I asked, my whole body trembling down. Sam checked out what was happening, he was holding my notebook, and was staring at us with a frown.

“I’m sorry Crystal. I’m sorry.” mom covered her mouth, and sat down in the floor, her voice shaking. Her teardrops were all around the white floor. Her face was red, her nerves were visible on her head.  

    My life suddenly turned black and white. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to do. All that I thought about was. I looked at Sam and breathe hard. My lungs were killing me.

    “Aunt Bea-Beatrice tell me this isn’t true.” I was almost going to wept. Aunt Beatrice took my hands and led me to our room. She closed the door, mom was still crying in the living room. I wanted to go to her, I just can’t face the shock. “I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming!” I slapped myself multiple times and wept, my voice breaking down. Aunt Beatrice took my hands again.

    “Crystal. There have been FBI men talking to your mom while you were at school.” she paused and gulped, “Well, they showed her documents, that prove you are the president’s daughter.”

    “WHAT?” my eyes felt like it was barbecued, my brain was twisted into knots. “What the hell is all this stuff about? My mom is Trisha, she will always be!” I bursted into tears.

    “Your mom didn’t believe them at first. But they showed more and more pictures, your birthmarks. I’m going to sleep here for a week. Crystal, your mom isn’t going to give you to anyone okay? I’ll make sure of that”

    “Okay.” I replied as I wiped my eyes with my white sleeves.


    Aunt Beatrice left me alone in the room. I decided to fall asleep, just incase if it was a dream. I wished it was. I asked myself, “Why is my life so complicated.” Questions were floating in my mind, left unanswered. “Crystal is going to figure it out.”

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