Because he killed me

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(I'm going to mess up a lot an I'm gonna apologize now)

Because he said I was like a hurricane, that he lived my wild side. But with every inch of me he tried to change. He acted like I didn't exist then he would text me an still try to change me. He said he loved my wild side then tried to turn me into a gentle butterfly, cute but easy to control. He used me, I learn go accept this. He said I shouldn't smoke he doesn't want me to get addicted like he was to me

But he didn't have me in his veins. He had posin an I was never his posin an it took me long enough to realize he was my hurricane. He took everything I had he shoved his lies down my throat an I started chocking.

They so normal people don't kill other people but that's a lie

Cause that night I went home

Still chocking an collapsed on the floor

You killed me, but told everyone you didn't know what happened to me an what happened between us

cause you were the culprit in all this.

You caused everything

I was just a victim that was wrongly accused.

I know why hurricanes don't always have people's names

Because some peoples truth hasn't been found out

One day you'll be named after a hurricane I promise.

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