Erykah's Birthday

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                  Erykah P.O.V

So today is my birthday and I am not going to school to day and Monday is senior ditch day so I was sleeping soundly and I was woken up by Princeton kissing me on my lips and he bit the bottom of my lip

Erykah: Alright I'm up I'm up

Princeton: Good morning

Erykah: Do you know what today is

Princeton: Yeah Friday

Did this ninja forget my birthday

Erykah: Get off of me

I pushed him on the floor and grabbed my clothes and went in the bathroom

               Princeton P.O.V

No I didn't forget her birthday I got I actually have a suprise for her later I got up and I got up took my shower and put one my light blue skinny jeans with a white polo shirt then I put on my white chucks Erykah qants to straighten my hair so I am going to let her since it is her birthday then my Claire a bell woke up I took her out of her playpen 

Princeton: Good morning lil'mama

Erykah: Are you ready

Princeton: Yeah I guess

I sat on the floor and Erykah straighten my hair and put it in a messy bun

Erykah: All done

She got up and she had on a white  crop top that was cut on the side and a crystal bow belly ring light blue jeggings her white chucks her six earrings going up to her ear with red lipstick and mascara with her hair was curly she like really stole my style

Princeton: Babe I look like a girl

Erykah: No you don't look like a girl you actually look hot

Princeton: Oh really

Erykah: Yes really

She came over and kissed me then I went downstairs with Claire I turned on the tv and I grabbed my x-box control and sat Claire on my chest and she was playing with my face then she laid down and Erykah came and stole Claire and ran upstairs and washed her and she came back and Claire was wearing the same thing as us but a skirt she put her back on my chest

Erykah: Hey babe what do you think of a tattoo

Princeton: Nope not on you

Erykah: I am technically legal

Princeton: No you aren't legal until 18 so maybe in one year so stop acting grown

Erykah: Hey hey hey how about you tell that to Claire

Princeton: Ok I will later

I turned the tv off and we left to the mall

Princeton: Today how about you get anything you want

Erykah: Aww tank you

                    Erykah P.O.V

Am I still upset of course so we were walking around and I saw my best friend Bow wow

Erykah: Wow?

Bow: Erykah?

Erykah: Hey boy *walked over to him and gave him a hug*

Bow: What's good what's good

Erykah: Nothing much I mean besides a baby and a boyfriend

Bow: Really

Erykah: Yeah really

Bow: Well I have to go bye lil'mama *kissed my cheek*

Erykah: Ok bye

Princeton: Well what was that

Erykah: He is my friend

Princeton: You sure

Erykah: I am sure

We went to footlocker , baby G.A.P , Abercrombie and Finch , and Victoria Secret by the time we finished it was 8:30 when we got in the car and Princeton dropped off Claire at his mom's house and he was driving me to a mysterious place and when he stopped we got out of the car and we went in and it looked like a club when we walked in and everyone we knew jumped out and yelled surprise

Erykah: Oh my god thank you guys

Princeton: And you thought I forgot

Erykah: Well I thought wrong

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