Chapter 1

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"Tasha ?.....Tasha ?..... aye yo Tasha !?" I hollered.

"What !" Tasha answered as if she was annoyed.

"Aye yo why you acting like that towards me Tash?" I asked . She just sighed and rolled her eyes .

"Acting like what?" She asked as she crossed her arms. "Like you mad or some. Why you mad for?" I said while stretching my arms before me waiting for an explanation.

"You know why Trae. Dont play with me." Tasha said walking towards the stairs of our two story house.

"Aww here we go again with this shit." silence as I walked behind her up the stairs. Once we got to the room she changed into some black & white adida track pants & a white tee-shirt. I couldnt help myself as I watched her get dressed. Tasha was brownskin with shoulder length curly burgundy and black hair. She had brown almond shaped eyes, with a body like Kelly Rowland. She resembled Chilli from TLC.

"What" she said with an attitude .

"Oh so now its a problem for me to look at you?" I asked she just rolled her eyes while she sat on the bed & put on her socks & her all white nike shoes. Then she put on her japanese cherry blossom lotion.

"Who you tryna smell good for?" I said while looking her up & down.

"Nobody." She said .

"Well where you going?"

"For a walk. Can you stop asking questions?" She said making her way downstairs.

"Nah I got one more" I said grabbing her forearm.

"Can you stop being mad at me ? Please ?"

"Trae look I don't ha-" I interrupted her and said

"baby listen it aint gone happen again, aight ? And its not gone change how I feel bout you."

I looked down then into her eyes and said

"Tash you know how we rocking baby girl. Since tenth grade. So that hoe dont mean nun to me . Ok?" I grabbed both of her hands, with her fresh french manicured nails, then gazed into her eyes.

"Im only diggin' you Tasha."

"Thats not what it feel like! You going round here fucking other bitches behind my back. I just got lucky enough and caught your ass in the act! And it was with my so called sister/bestfriend"

I could tell she was furious with me but i was trying to get back on her good side. I attempted to give her a hug but she moved back.

"I dont want to talk about this right now . Im out mane."

And with that she left; slamming the door.


When i walked out the door i felt the cool crisp november breeze blow through my hair. I loved Autumn. It was my favorite season. As soon as I left I called my sister's to check up on them plus i needed some advice. I have two sisters, Keyshia & Jasmine. Their twins.

"Wassup biiiitch" I heard key say. "Hey chica" I heard jas yell in the backround.

"Wassup yall, what yall getting into tonight ?"

"Pssh nun, you?" Key asked.

"Nun. Aye look I wanted to swing through if thats aight with yall?"

"Fashoo. Me & jas was gone cook some lasagna so yeah make that move." She said.

I chuckled . "No doubt" I said ending the call .


"So you up for going to Cutty party tomorrow? " Jas asked as we headed home.

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