Chapter 1

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Hi, I'm Taylor Palaski. I am a 10th grader attending Johnsville High.  Where I met my bestfriend Skylor and started my cheering career.  I am the Head-Captain on the All- Stars Cheer team, and I'm kind of a big deal. I'm really popular and cool with almost everyone at my school EXCEPT Alaya Minning, the captain of the Elites cheer team. That girl think she's just the best cheerleader which ofcourse she's not! And her side-kick Alexis is just her shadow that she runs around. Me and Alexis use to be really close in middle school but that all changed when she met Alaya. But I had the best/worst year of high school, and it all started last year on the first day of tryouts.

Coach Jen: Line up girls time for cuts! "Here we go with this again" I said in an unpleasant voice. I hated this time of the year!  Usually when Coach Jen do these they don't end very well. Last year it ended with two very good girls leaving because of their attitudes. "Good luck" said Skylor. (Even though she know I didn't need it)  "Yea Good Luck" I said back. And 5… 6… 7… 8 1 and 2 3..4..5..6..7..8. The music stopped and I hears the gym door open but I didn't turn around to see who it was. Then I heard a voice saying. "Well, well, well look who came back" and I instantly knew,  ALAYA.  "What a pleasant surprise" I said in a un-cheerfull voice. "Just thought I'd stop by to see our competition this year, and it isn't alot of it" she did a devious but sweet giggle. "We'll see about that" I shot back. "Okay will that be all? " Yep Good Luck" Alaya said as she left the gym." We have to beat them this year" said Coach Jen. Oh we will I thought.  "Let's run this again".

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