Chapter 4

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Nathan and I are locking lip. He pulls me into his lap as I break the kiss pulling off my scarf as I feel the heat coming down on me and throws it to the side as I return back to the kiss running my fingers through his hair.

I feel his hands trail down my sides as we kiss still. They continue their way down as they finally rest on my ass before he comes up and pulls off my shirt cutting off the kiss.

He eyes me before eyeing my breast. He picks me up and walks to the wall pinning my against it.

I smile biting my lip as he kisses my jawline then slowly kisses down my neck. My breathing increases as I slightly arch my back. He lets me go and takes off his shirt. I eye his body then looks up at him as he picks me back up and I wrap my legs around his waist kissing him.

I run my fingers through his hair again as our kisses gets more intense and hot. He reaches down and starts to unbutton my pants.

My mind starts to wonder.

Do I let him keep going. Will this make it weird between us. What if I get pregnant. Oh boy the baby thing. My parents will kill me. I mean I really do like Nathan but I don't want this to mess up everything between us. Yet again we are drunk and just doing it out of the moment. OMG this is crazy!!What the fuck am I gonna do. Will Reese fire me when he founds out. Shit!!!!

My mind was wondering and Nathan could tell. He pulls back from the kiss and looks at me.

"Are you ok Sam."

I shake my thoughts away and nods.

"Are you sure I can stop if you want me to."

I look at him and his naked torso and I say screw it. Nathan is single and here with me right now. I think I want to go all the way.

Not again my mind started to race and I wipe away my thoughts and nods,"I want to do this."

He smiles as he carries me back to his room. He opens the door to walk in and closes it back as we are in his room.

He lays me on the bed as he towers over me and stares me in my eyes. I bite my lip as I pull him back into the kiss. I break the kiss to take down my bun as I let my curls fall down my back as he smiles at me pulling my back into the kiss.

I run my fingers through his hair as our kisses get hot and intense again. He breaks the kiss and sits in between my legs as he unbuttons my pants and pulls them off. I lift my hips to help him get them off faster. As he pulls them off he stand up off of the bed pulling off his pants and boxer. I look up as he does to feel him climbing back onto the bed.

We go back to kissing as he breaks out kiss kissing down jawline and onto my neck again. He sucks and bites on it as a few moans slip my lips and I feel him stiffen again my thigh.

I lose all thoughts as he counties to kiss my neck and I feel him taking off my panties.

He gets my panties off pulling away from my neck and looks at me.

"I won't make you take off your bra unless you want to."

I nod,"Thanks but I don't want to take it off."

He nods understanding and reaches over in his dresser and pulls out an condom. Before he puts it on we get under the covers and he climbs back on top of me.

Before I know it I feel him thrust into me and I cry out.

No not again my mind has started up on its high horse again....

"This was it I wasn't a virgin anymore. I mean I am letting him take it so there has to be something about Nathan because I have had penalty of chances for a guy to take it and I always freak out." I shut my self up and looks up at him.

He stops and looks at me then says," Are you ok, am I hurting to." I look at him and nods.

As he starts back up. I start to moan as I wrap my legs around his waist and digs my nails into his back only making him go faster. He kisses my neck giving me multiply hickeys up and down my neck and even a few places around my breast.

I feel my climax building as I feel his climax about to hit to and spends up going deep. That only makes my climax hit fast. I scream out as I drag my nails down his back scratching him up as my hips buck and I cum against him. He cums as well as he collapses on top of me before pulling out and rolling over beside me.

We end up doing it repeatedly thought out the night. After a while it wasn't drunk sex anymore. It was hot intimate love making.

We ended it about 3 in the morning as I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me.I feel him kiss my forehead sending me off into sleep.

I COULDN'T BELIEVE I HAD SLEPT WITH NATHAN!!!!!! But at the end of the night it was worth it because I knew he truly cared about me. But when Reese finds this out he is going to flip his lid.


I know this chapter is kind of short but the next one is going to be Nathan's POV maybe who knows vote and tell me what you think

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