“You’re really sure about this? You’re going to sell this place.” Harry says, leaning against the now bare wall in the living room where the T.V used to sit.

“Not sell, I’m just… leaving it be.” I sit on top if the last packed box, sealing the tape over the opening. I decided the day after the party that I can’t start being Liam again if I’m stuck still trying to be the Liam Melissa once loved. She said it so it must be true, I’m not him anymore.

“Don’t tell me you’re still holding out hope for the two of you.” He says, stepping to my side of me as I stack the last box on top of the other dozen.

“Not hope. This is still her house too and if she ever chooses so, it’s here for her to come back to. Just without me.” Harry looks at me, eye sad for me like they were when I brought two bottles of jack to our show when I though Mel was cheating on me. “I’ll always love her, which means I’m always going to care. God forbid she ever doesn’t have a place to go, she has home.” I take a look at our empty home feeling a sense of accomplishment and regret of both leaving this behind and giving up on the fight. But then again I was beating a dead horse.

“I won’t try understanding it because that will just result in an unneeded headache.” He says, bending as far as permitted to pick up two of the boxes containing my belongings. “I’m not loading this truck up by myself, let’s go.” Within twenty minutes, the truck is loaded and Harry is following behind me, driving to a convenient, private house; some place I’ve never been with Melissa, someplace I don’t have any memories with her.

“Just how far away from her do you need to get?”

“Far enough to where I know there’s no chance of running into her.”

“So an extravagant cabin in the woods two hours outside of town, I’ve got to give it to you, when you want to isolate yourself you do it well.” We pull up the cobblestone driveway that leads up to the house. It’s big, but it’s nowhere near as convenient as I thought. From the view of the truck I can see the abstract levels of the house, one set of steps leading to the next. The glass windows letting the light into the empty house through the leaves on the trees hiding it away from eyesight. A safe haven away from chasing her.

It takes an hour to haul everything from the truck to the house but once we are finished, Harry and I sit in my new vacant living room swallowing egg roll after egg roll. We’ve always had an easy bond, simply just lying around with each other being an enjoyable get together.

“Harry,” I start, regretting what I’ve mustered up the courage to say. When he looks up at me from his box of noodles I know I have to ask now or I’ll never get the chance. “How is she?”

“She’s good man, I promise. I haven’t seen her but I’ve talked to her a few times. She’s alright from what I know.” He half smiles, hoping his answer satisfied me. But as I thought, it doesn’t.

I want to know if she’s happy, if she’s seen my defending her and maybe it’s helped ease her way into at least telling me herself how he’s doing. That’s all I need. Is to hear from her that everything is okay, how much she likes her new job, what her new place looks like. I don’t need to see her or hold her – just hear the tone of her when she says she’s okay. They don’t know whether she’s lying or not. She could fool any of them easily but not me. But I have to trust what Harry’s telling me because if I call and ask, and she is lying about how she’s doing I’ll backtrack, I’ll drop everything and run to her aid and have to start from square one.

“That’s good,” I say with a deep breath. I have to believe it for my own sake.

“Well I’ll leave you to unpack your life, I’ll talk to you later mate.”

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