chapter 6

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I look up and saw some dark skinned bitch wit nappy ass weave and skanky clothes on.

Natasha: so this the hoe u switched me out for...u could do so much better

King: Natasha don't start...

Mia:wait... pause...rewind tf up!!  Who tf u calling a hoe ..u horse haired.. Slutty ass.loose ass trick???

Natasha: u bitch

Mia: oh hell naw ...this bitch obviously don't know who tf I am...

I pulled out my gun and pointed it at her ass

King:ayeee chill

Natasha:yah bitch listen to you master

King: Natasha stfu... I ain't wit u nomo we broke up remember... U couldn't get you self together so I left and by the looks of it u still ain't got you self together... So why don't u just bounce Ight??and mia put the damn gun down wit yo ghetto fi ghetto ass

I chuckled and put the gun away.. She sucked her teeth an walked away. This bitch must be fucking crazy for her to try and get smart wit me..

Natasha POV

I walked away and called my bro

Bro:sup sis

Natasha: aye I need u to handle someone


Natasha: the kween of the atl

Bro: is u fucking crazy!?!?! 

Natasha: maybe a little

I hung up ...this bitch not bout to take my spot in his heart...I got some tricks up my sleeve for her.

King POV

Mia: my nigga u need to control yo hoes..she chuckled

King: llah nah man she ain't my hoe, she ain't nun to me..

Mia: mm wateva

We walked to the car and went to my trap for a bit.

2 weeks later

Me and mia been hanging almost everyday but I ain't asked her out yet...I think we need to get to know each other more.

We had just came back from the mall and she was about to go home

King: let me drive u home baby girl

Mia: nah I'm good IMA just walk

King: but its soo dark

Mia: llah awee u worried??

King: of course I am.. I don't want anyone harming my kween

She blushed

King: just texted me as your walking until u get home so I can know your okay

Mia: Ight bye

King: bye ma

She gave me a hug. I smelled her cherry blossom perfume and didn't want to let go.

Mia: Jerome u can let go now.. She chuckled

king: loll sorry

She walked out the door and 2 minutes later I got a text

My future: hey

Bigheadedhubby: sup ma

My future: I'm currently walking down your street lol

Bigheadedhubby : is that so?

My future: haha yes that is so

Ohh I am definitely falling for her

Mia POV:

I was walking about a block away from my house and texting Jerome when a car pulled up.. 

I look a the tinted window trying to see through it then....POW POW POW

I fell to the ground and felt warm liquid flowing over and soaking my clothes. Black spots started to cover me vision.

Last thing I remember is watching the stars as my vision slowly faded.............

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