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Part 4: Friendzoned?

The next day, I did the same routine. I woke up with my head pounded, my eyes filled with sickness. I sat down at the bed and thought about things that I did and should’ve done. ”Check and check.” I mumbled with a sleeping voice. I yawned and motivated myself that it’s going to be a productive day. I prayed to God for protection as I was taking a shower.

After I was ready and was about to get out of the kitchen, I heard a honk. And it happened again. I opened the door pretty much annoyed and checked to see who it was.


    “Is alice there?” asks a guy with a hippie sunglass inside a red 80’s looking car.

    “Um there is no Alice here. Wrong house.” I screamed back as I was trying to be louder than his rambunctious machine.

    “Oh okay. Sorry there.” he replied as he drove like a maniac, heading the south street.


    I arrived on school at 7:18am. The school bus was a little late. I came out, trying to be careful not to fall into another person. Paige waited for me to come out since she exited first. I smiled at her.

“We need to talk Paige, you know--” I got cut off again

“It’s okay I forgive you. I was just dramatic yesterday. So I apologize about that. Friends?” she said sweetly.

“Friends,” I shook her hands and continued, “I’ll be a better friend, I promise.”

Both of sat down in the bench near my favorite palm tree. We decided not to eat breakfast. We had some conversation, friendly one. A kind of conversation that I never experienced ever since Jen left me. Jen was my best friend since elementary, we were a unique one. We don’t like barbies, instead, we like shopping and a lot of purses. Unfortunately, that ended when Jen got pregnant with her jerky boyfriend. She moved to Atlanta and I never saw and talked to her again. Not even her shadow.

The bell rang for seventh period. As usual, homeworks and new teachers. Ms. Aquino and Mr. Zack was probably the best teachers I had so far. Anyways, I had a total of five homeworks after seventh and first period. It was recess. I was worried that Cameron might approach me again. And he did. He talked to me about Mr. Bergs.

“You know, your prompt was actually awsome. I mean you had a point. Mr. Bergs shouldn’t have embarrassed you like that.” he convinced. His tone was friendly and caring. I wonder why many girls in this school love him.   

“It’s okay. I’m used to it. Besides, no matter how terrible Mr. Berg’s lectures are, he still one of the reasons why I will get to college.” I replied.

“I like you, you know? I mean not that kind of like but, you’re one of a kind. You know I am so lucky to have you as a friend.” Cameron reasoned with a beam.

“Oh thanks. And you are?” I blushed. My voice was shaking as usual.

“Yeah! We are officially friends, hi five?” he offered his palm. I slapped it, I was a terrible hi-fiver.

Few weeks passed. I got closer to Cameron. We were friends, then we became close friends, and then eventually we became best friends. He often picks me up from home unexpectedly. Mom always teases me, she thinks that Cam was my boyfriend or something. On top of that, Paige became my main boo, it felt just like Jen and I when we were still hanging out. I often visit her house to finish group work and projects. And talking about boys. A little bit of both, just kidding. I had straight A’s for the first quarter, and was glad I made my family proud. That certificate is one of the keys that will lead me to a scholarship. Because of Cameron, school, and Paige, I’m not a total boredom pit. I totally forgot about those FBI looking dudes and other whacks that happened to me. Overall, my life’s going great since then.

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