Chapter 34.

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Maddie's POV

I must of fallen asleep on the table in maccas because the next thing I knew is Amber was shaking my shoulder.

I sat up and and looked at Amber who was smiling like an idiot right now.

"What's up with you..and where's Ash?"I asked after noticing he was gone.

"Oh! He went home..but I'll see him tomorrow!" she said

My jaw dropped.

"No" I said while smiling

"Yes!" She said and squealed

I stood up and tackled her into a hug.

"I ship it!" I said while trying to think of a ship name.

"Me too!" she giggled

"Amton!" i said almost too loud

"Ship name?" she asked

"Yeah..let's go home?" I asked

"Yeah..but you have to help me get ready tommorow." she said

"Well of course"I said

And with that we walked out of maccas with our arms linked.

*9 hours later*(wow)

I laid in bed wide awake scared to go to sleep.

Last night was so terrifying.

I woke up,on the floor last night.

Apparently Luke never did pick me up and my dad never did kill me.

Apparently Amber picked me up and I fell asleep in her car so she helped me inside and into my bed.

But the thing is,it felt way too real.

So here I was wide awake at 10pm.

I decided to get up and grab some water in hope that it would help me calm down.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup when I heard footsteps behind me.

I turned around and dropped the cup when I saw it was Luke.

It shattered at my feet and I screamed.

He lunged towards me and covered my mouth.

He grinned and pulled a knife out from the stand behind me.

I shoved him off and did what I do best.

I ran.

Away from all my problems.

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