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             The feeling of being wet faded away and clothing started to materialize around me. The waterfall swallowed by a swirl of mist.  Mat. Mat. A gruff voice echoes from the mist which was not mist at all but smoke poring out of the baking room of the factory. "Was she a beauty" the gruff foreman says with a wink "or did you eat away your wonder without a second thought" the rest of the crew shake off the last lingering effects of their wanderlust and head back to work.

              Walking back to my work station witch consisted of a red taped off area on the concrete floor facing a massive machine. the room was deafened by the clanging of many gears. eggs appeared from the left on a conveyor belt . Then an arm like peace with a suction cup on one end and took egg by egg off the belt. My job was simple really. If the arm did not pick up the egg, I hit the red button. The only button I had. If the egg was broken on the conveyor belt, I hit the red button. If the egg fell, you guessed it I hit the red button. Upon hitting the red button, my part of the machine stopped and a tech would step forward diagnose the problem and fix it if he could. Then he walk over to the post just outside of my red taped off section. On this post were two buttons one green and one yellow. The green one started my part of the machine back up. The yellow one which was used more often then not called for more tech support. The foreman also made his rounds poking fun at each crew worker, making certain they were not popping wonder on the job.  

                My mind started to wonder at the monotony of it all. I could be a tech or a foreman if I wanted to... The job would be slightly more interesting but that would bring more eyes my way. I would rather be dismissed for stupid than undermine the secrecy my father worked so hard to procure. The sad part is by trying to protect me he never explained the key, the purpose of hiding our intellect and now he is gone. So here I am stuck in this dead end job doing the only thing I know is safe, playing dumb.

                An egg cracks and brakes. Splattering egg over me and the conveyor belt. I don't push the button because after all what do I know. The foreman huffs over slams the red button and starts yelling about how I should know how to do my job by now. I plaster on my best blank face and nod agreeable to his rant. Knowing that my smile that I felt on the inside did not show a bit after years of controlling my emotional expressions.

             The time blends together until the whistle blows. A chorus of cheers explode from the workers as the noisy machine comes to a grinding stop. Everyone so eager to get in line for their daily pay of wander different lines formed for different types of wonder. There was always five different types of wonder available. Eating wonder. Sexual wonder. Relaxation wonder. Thrill wonder. Company wonder. And performance wonder. Depending on your pay grade lets you get higher quality \ longer experience while in wonder. My pay grade which is the lowest, can get 3 hrs of the lower quality wonder. After picking out a slightly higher quality of performance wonder. I headed for the food like witch was similar to the wonder line except there were no choices. Everyone got the same nutritional pill. You take one once a day and that is the extent of the food available. After picking up the food pill I headed for home.

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