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So when after all that happened Toni walked down stairs. And Diggy had calmed down a lil bit. They walked to the car and they started driving.

"Toni you look beautiful." Diggy said with a smile.

"Thank you so much." Toni said smiling

"So we are going shopping the grocery shopping,ok bae." Diggy said fermly

"Ok.That will be fine." Toni said looking out the window

"Whats wrong bae?" Diggy said pulling over the car

"Nothing." Toni said shaking her head

"Well somethin' wrong bae if your not talking." Diggy said grabbing her arm tight

"Well um." Toni said looking at her arm "What was that back at the house?" Toni asked a lil scared

He let go."Um, I was just a lil tempured thats all." He said driving again

"Ok.Can we just forget about it and go shopping please?" Toni said smiling

"Ok." Diggy said and pulling up to Forever 21

So they got out the car walked in together holding hands. They walked around the store and got some clothes they liked. And they even got matching clothes. But Toni got mainly half shirts for girls. Then they went to the cashier and saw Toni's old friend AJ.

"Toni.Toni Smith?" AJ said questionable

"AJ.AJ Thompson" They said giving eachother a huge hug

Diggy cleared his throat loudly.

"Oh um AJ this is my bae Diggy." Toni said smiling

"Oh whats up amn." AJ said givin' him a bro hug

Diggy just smiled

"Well I will see you later AJ." Toni said smiling

"Yeah.See you later." And they hugged again and Diggy clenched his jaw

So Toni had the bags walking to the car. And once they walked out Diggy grabbed Toni's arm and squeezes it tightly. And they were walking to the car quickly.And Diggy bumps her against the car.

"The fuck Diggy!" Toni said looking at him

"What The Fuck Was That Shit In The Store?!" Diggy said yelling still squeezing her arm

"It was an old fucking friend."Toni said looking like TF

"An Old Friend. An Old Fucking Friend?" Diggy said

"Yeas An Old Fucking Friend." Toni said yelling back

"Oh Ok." Diggy turned around and wiped his mouth, then turned around and slapped the shit outta Toni

"You Bitch." Toni said holding her cheek

"Get Cha Ass In The Car!" Diggy said pointing to the car

Toni just stood there.

"NOW!" And with that Toni got in the car and put the bags in the front and she sat in back.

They drove all the way home in silence. Once they got home Toni got the bags and slammed the car door. She went up stairs angrily and Diggy followed behind.

"Toni What The Fuck Is Your Problem?" Diggy said slamming the room door

"Your My Fucking Problem.You Hit Me and Acted Like Nothing Happened." Toni said sitting on the bed

"The Fuck I DId Nothing." Diggy sai acting stupid

"Get The Fuck Out Of My Room..NOW!" Toni said pointing to the door

He left and slammed the door. Toni went back and locked it. She sat on her bed and broke down crying. She didn't know what just happened and she didn't like it. She never seen Diggy like this for even if its been a day. So she just stayed in her room for the rest of the day. She changed into (go to and went downstairs around 10:00 P.M. Diggy wasn't there. So she went fully in the kitchen and looked on the Island in the Kitchen. It was a note that says

Baby I am sorry for everything.I love you so much and I don't want you to leave me. I love you so much and just please forgive me. I love you so much and I am just so sorry. And this is an I am sorry present.

Then Toni opened the gift and it was a diamond necklace with earrings that said love. She went to put it on and Diggy appeared behind her.

"Let me help you." Diggy grabbed the necklace and put it on her

"I am so sorry baby. I love you so much and I didn't mean to hurt you." He said grabbing Toni by her waist and looking in her eyes

"Its ok baby. I am ok." Toni said hugging him

"Well thats great." Diggy said kissing her " Are you hungry bae?" He asked sitting on the couch

"Yeah a lil bit." Toni said sitting in his lap

"Well I ordered some pizza." He said loooking at her

"Yay." She said excited

Well then they chilled, waited on the pizza and chowed down when it came. Then afterwards they brushed their teeth and went to sleep. So that was their day

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