Zombie Apocalpse (o2l fanfiction)

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Chapter 1.                                            We have  come to the point  where it has come to an end. Human life has been limited to a hand full of people. We have been going through the zombie apocalpse for 36 months. We are limited on weapons,food,and shelter so hopefully we all will make it.

           "Isabella what are you doing?" Isabella just kept writing in her book that she has been holding onto.

           "Let me see that thing!" Jc snatched her book out of her hands and started running while reading what she wrote out loud.

            "Why would you write stuff like this you, are so stupid!" Jc threw her book on the ground and stomped it into the mud. He walked off with no regret at all. Isabella fell to her knees and started crying.

              "That was all I had that those idiot zombies didn't destory." She started bawling in her hands uncontollably. Finally after she pulled herself together she started walking back to camp. When she reached camp everyone looked like they were ready to fight.

  Author's Note

    So I know I haven't been on that much updating my other story but I have a life. School has started and I have been busy with my family so yea.

Anyways I want to get back into writing some fanfictions. So I am writing one about one of my favorite YouTubers. I hope you like the story as much as I live writing it. Isabella is me I just love the name Isabella so I want to make that clear. I am a epic fangirl! So just be prepared.

    Love you all! :)

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