Iman fainted after Sloan told her everything. They took her back home. Sloan felt really guilty & wanted to tell her parents everything. She told them how bad she wanted to adopt Iman & that she was sorry about wanting to take her away for a long time just for her own selfish needs. After all of that, Sloan & Gaga went back home. They relaxed & tried their best not to cry.

After what seemed longer than 2 days, Sloan ran into Iman right before she was meeting up with Amanda & Knicole.

Sloan: hey iman.

Iman: What's wrong? this isn't like you, you aren't smiling...and you look sad.

Sloan: Just..having some trouble Iman. Don't worry about me. You should worry about getting to school right now, I'll see you later.

Sloan felt horrible about how she talked to Iman but she couldn't look at her without wanting to take her in her arms & bring her onto the tour. She spent time with Amanda & Knicole while Gaga was with Star. They needed girl time so they wouldn't feel so heartbroken that they couldn't adopt Iman. After they were all done they all were getting ready for the artRave. Both Sloan & Gaga were surprised to see Iman.

(backstage) Gaga: Did you see-

Sloan: Iman?!

Montana: Yeah you both saw her. She's here.

Victor: I guess her family got her tickets?

Asiel: Well, only thing to do is take her on stage so we could take her backstage.

Gaga got through the whole concert. During Gypsy she called Iman to get on stage with her. After the whole thing Asiel & Theresa made sure that the security would bring her backstage after.

Gaga: I can't believe-

Sloan: she's here...

Iman & her parents came through the doors. Her parents stood behind her

Iman's Mom: We've been thinking...that...

Iman's Dad: It would be a good thing for you two to adopt Iman.

I. Mom: We don't believe everything, about you Miss Gaga, but we thought that if Lady Gaga and her girlfriend adopted a girl that...well

I. Dad: You could make a statement about LGBT saying that all states should be accepting and that LGBT's should allow to be married and that...

I. Mom: Lady Gaga isn't just a surprising lady, she has a real life and heart.

Sloan & Gaga were so shocked they didn't know what to say or how to react.

Iman: What do you guys say?




short chapter but I have writers block....


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