Chapter 9 - You Again? (Part One)

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i had to split this into three parts ahha but after the 3rd part of chapter 9 there will be chapter 10 and then epilogue , THEN BOOK THREE WHICH IS LUKE AYY ! anyhowwww, enjoy :) x

“Son, wake up. You’re late.” My mom said to me, shaking me. “Mom, can I stay home?” I asked her turning over. “Nonsense, it’s a Friday. Don’t you have a game today?” She asked me. “No mom, games are Tuesday and Thursday and practice is every other day besides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.” I huffed throwing the blanket over my head. I wanted to bury myself from life. 

“Calum Hood, get up right now and get dressed. You are making me late for work.” She says snatching the blanket from my grasp. “Mom quit! Its cold.” I say throwing my pillow over me, shielding my body from my freezing room. I mean for christ sake I was only in briefs. “Then you should go put on those skinny jean things to warms up.” She says sarcastically. “FINE! You're so annoying.” I yell and storm into the bathroom.

I turn the water on and lazily hop in. “See you later on. Love you, have a good day.” She says and I could hear my mom giggling through the door. Why can’t I just have one day to myself?

I dragged myself out of the shower and went straight to school. I was too tired to meet up with my friends. I just went straight to class. Last nights game was a bitch. I couldn’t sit out during any of it and we got our asses kicked anyway. I was pissed off at my team. We only had a few more shots to make it to play offs and we ruined one of them last night.

“Hello Calum.” Jenny said to me. I always forget we had class together, and I was too lazy to ignore her. “Hey.” I replied simply. “How are you?” She asked me. “I’m alright, thanks for asking. How are you this morning?” I asked her, I was actually curious as to how she was doing. I mean I haven’t talked to her in so long. “I’ve been fine.” She says and takes out her notebook.

“Um, I know you’re probably going to say no, but do you want to hang out later on?” She asked me quietly. “Yeah, why not.” I say to her. I didn’t want to reject her and you know what, I outta give her the benefit of the doubt. “Okay, well I walked to school, do you mind if I get a ride with you?” She questioned me, while writing the notes on the board. “Yeah, I’ll text you where I parked.” I say while taking notes. 

Class goes by pretty fast. Jenny didn't talk for the rest of the period until it was time to leave. "Ill see you later." She whispered as she gathered her things. "See you..." I replided.

I walked to my locker only to run into Michael. “Hey man what’s up?” He asked me. “Nothing much, um I have another class. I was going to skip but I’m giving Jenny a ride home.” I said to him. “Ohh get it man, wrap it up.” He giggles a bit. “Oh fuck off.” I say pushing him. “Also, whats up with the green.” I say point to his hair. “Well it’s the only solid I haven’t done yet and its Eb’s favorite color, so why not.” He shrugged. He was crazy.

“Well I like it.” I say blowing him a kiss. “Dude you are 100% trash.” He said to me sarcastically. “Whatever man, what are you doing? You skipping?” I asked him. “Yeah, I’m gonna go run to the liquor store tonight. Luke’s throwing a party.” He said closing his locker. “I can’t go, I’m gonna be with Jenny.” I tell him.

“What the hell man? You have to come out.” He says grabbing my shoulders. “I’ll go next time I promise!” I say to him. “Alright fine.” He huffs and walks away. He was probably pissed because I was ditching them for ‘pussy’. But in all honesty, I didn’t even want to fuck.

My last class goes by pretty quickly and I was glad. I was able to meet up with Jenny. I just wanted to go home. “Hey!” Jenny said to me as I walking to my car. “Oh hey! How was your last class?” I say unlocking my door.

“Oh put your stuff in the trunk.” I say popping it open. “Umm.. My day was good. But very long.” She admits. “Yeah same here.” I say turning the radio on. I just turn on the radio and enjoy the silence in the car. “I’ll just leave my books in your car. Its Friday anyway, I can just get them on Sunday.” She says when we get out the car.

“Okay that’s fine!” I say to her once we get in my house.

“What do you want to do?” I ask her. “Oh um, well whatever is fine with me honestly.” She whispers. “Okay, well wanna eat or something? I don’t know how to cook, but I can make sandwiches.” I say grabbing her hand and walking her to the kitchen.

“I’d like that.” She smiles lightly at me.  “Okay! Ham or chicken?” I say to her. “Oh I’m vegetarian, can I make a grilled cheese or something.” She offers. “Oh no! Let me cook.” I say to her. “Okay Calum.” She agrees.

We eat our food just casually conversing about life and school. She was actually an interesting girl, I definitely wanted to get to know her more.

“Hey, Marlene just texted me.” She says looking at her phone scrolling. “Oh.. Okay?” I say putting our paper plates in the trash. “Well she wants us to go to Luke’s party like now?” She admits. “What time is it?” I ask her. “Its 9:30.” She says. “Have we really been sitting down here talking for 4 hours straight? Holy shit. My mom never came home” I said to her. “Yeah wanna go? I just wanna stop by? We will only be there for 10 minutes!” She begs.

“Ugh, fine 10 minutes.” I give in.


3 hours later and the party was completely full of blacked out people, including Jen. I was in the room smoking with the lads and Marlene knocks on the door. “Hey baby.” Ashton says wrapping his arms around her when he opens the door. “Who is that?” Luke slurs. “Just Mar.” Ashton says stepping outside.

“WHATEVER MAR! LEAVE. FINE.” I hear yelling from the door. “What was that?” I say to Ash as he walks inside. “She wants you.” He says sitting down lighting his blunt. “Oh okay.” I say getting up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jenny is really trashed can you take her home?” Mar asks. “Uh yeah, where is she?” I say. Mar looks up at me with these sexy pair of eyes and I get really confused. "What?" I mutter to her. She just keeps this glance and grabs my hand to intertwines our fingers.

“Mar I can’t hold your hand.” I whisper to her, grabbing her toward me. “Why not?” She looks up at me while whispering. “It’s not right.” I look down at her.

“But Calum…” She says wrapping her hands around my waist. I stare down at her lips to her eyes. I catch a glance down her shirt. Fuck. "Mar..." I whisper.

Fuck. What do I do?

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