Picture Taking

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Part 3: Picture taking

“Oh, Cameron.” I gasped. I was totally blushing with surprise.

“Hey… Crystal? Was that right?” he asked with his glowing smile.

“Oh, yeah. Again I’m really sorry about what happened.”

“Nah, it’s okay. I was just going to ask what time the picture taking is?”

“I have no idea. I wasn’t even ready, I should’ve wore something nice.” I was so talkative, I gave out too much information to this guy.

“You look beautiful. I mean… see you later I guess.” he mumbled. He looked away in a sudden and and ran up to his guy friend.

Well that was awkward. But it is heart lifting when you hear someone tell you you’re beautiful. I was smiling, my feet were shaking. PRING!!! The bell rang, I race-walked to my science class.

I thought I was late, but there were only three students seated. I chose the back seat, which was my favorite, serene spot. I’m nearsighted, so I just squint my eyes if there is any note taking. Inside our class, there were eighteen Imacs. The wall was painted yellow, and science related posters hanging everywhere. Then suddenly, five minutes after I was seated, my whole world stopped…Cameron was my classmate! He fixed his brown bangs and sat down-- next to me! He didn’t notice that I was right beside him until…

“Hey you!” screamed out my teacher.

    I looked at him, he was looking directly at me. “Yes?” I whispered to myself.

    “Did you hear what I said?” he asked with an angry squint. The whole class looking at me, like I was a ghost or some sort.

    “I said take out your notebook and start answering the prompt on the board!” he sounded like a devil.

This day was a nightmare. Even Cameron was looking at me. “Sorry.” I apologized quietly.

    Few minutes later, tension dropped. I finished writing the prompt. Everyone had their pencils down. I took my rubber band wrapped around my hand and bundled my black hair.

    “Hello students. I’m Mr. Bergs, your evil science teacher.” stated Mr. Bergs.

    “I will choose a student to share out their prompt. But first, raise your hand if you know what is happening to our world today. The most recent one.” his voice was so deep. Someone raised his hand, it was Cameron.

    “The ozone layer. Scientists and environmentalists are figuring out a way to strengthen our ozone layer.” he answered brilliantly.

    “Good Mr.,” Mr. Bergs looked at his assigned seat paper, “Mr. West. So why are they doing this? Wh-why are they planning on making our ozone layer stronger?”

    “Because our world is improving on decreasing pollution. They have the chance to strengthen the ozone layer because there is not much pollution going on.” Cameron continued, “They are doing some kind of protection using plants or something.”

    “Very smart Mr. West. So, any volunteers for reading their prompts? No? Okay, let me call on… Ms. Reynolds.”


    Ugh-Oh, there it was. The heart-beating moment that I’ve tried to stay away from for years. I took my paper and held it with both of my shaking hands. I sensed that Cameron was looking at me.


    “Okay, um. In my opinion, trying to fix the ozone layer is difficult.” I cleared my throat and continued, “Of course, the government needs to collect more taxes from us for research, that would be a disadvantage for us. Also, since there is less pollution, why do they need to fix the ozone layer? If there is less pollution, there is less damage. The ozone layer will improve by itself with the help of our non-polluted world.”

    “Yes Ms. Reynolds, you do have a point. However, the point of planting more plants and finding out a way to get energy from them is because we want to maintain our ‘non-polluted’ world.” he sounded unpleased. I heard some giggling.

    He was disrespectful. So what if I was wrong? I tried my best, he shouldn’t shove it in my face though. I didn’t know the reason that’s why, he didn’t even explain it to us. I kept reminding myself that everything in life happens for a reason. The phone speaker beeped. The office lady started talking.

    “Hello, this is a reminder for third-period teachers to release their students to the cafeteria for picture taking. Thank you.” the phone speaker beeped again.

    “Oh dang it! Put away your notebooks and line up outside.” he complained. He totally forgot, amnesia much? Just kidding.

    I left my bag beside my chair and lined up in the back. Perhaps I was wrong, I was the first one in the line, since the back faces the cafeteria. Mr. Bergs led me downstairs, as the rest of the class follows. Some girls were gossiping, I heard my name. “Shut up and be quiet!” Mr. Bergs demanded. Good for them.

    It was my first time inside the cafeteria, it was spacious and smelt like barbecued chicken with tartar sauce. There was a camera crew set up the stage, we were the first class to go. One by one, students went up. Fake smiles everywhere. Sooner, it was my turn. I combed my hair with my cold hands and breathe deep. “Okay, face tilted a bit please.” says the camera lady. FLASH! “Okay you’re done.” she finishes and leered. I ran down and sat in my position earlier. More and more students went up, then it was Cameron’s turn. As he poses, all of the cells in my body went into slow motion. He flashed those dimples again. I fell asleep, I don’t know why. I was dreaming about assassins and shotguns. Someone poked me in the shoulder.

    “Crystal, were going already.” Cameron smirked. He took my hands and raised me up.

I accidentally stepped on his foot.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, rubbing my nervous fingers.

“You know, ya better stop apologizing. It’s okay, were friends right?” he man-giggled, well that escalated quickly.

    “Yeah, heh.” I fake laughed. My cheeks were bursting cool-aid.

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