You were sitting on the couch with Danny, you got a little thirsty after eating popcorn. You went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the fridge. You bend down to get a bottle of water when you feel someone slap your ass. You ignore it thinking it's Danny. You turn around to see Luke sitting on the bar stool. He pats a seat next to him motioning for you to sit down. You sit down next to him.

"Hey I've taken a liking to you . I think your literally hot as fuck" Luke says as he places a had in your thigh.

"Tha-" as you were fixing to respond Michael cults you off.

"Hey Luke your hands off my baby sister!"Michael says firmly.

"Ok...ok..sorry man"Luke says

"It's alright...send Haley go change out of that low cut tank top and put on some pants"MMichael says ad him and Luke head back upstairs.

As Luke's walking behind Michael, making sure Michael doesn't see, Luke mouths the words 'call me' then winks.

You can feel your cheeks fill with warmth as you walk back ibid the living room to watch tv with Danny.

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