Chapter 13

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Yn Pov

I looked at him and got a lil froze and wanted to cry but didn't.

"Fuck Eric, let me go. How the hell you even get here?" I said tryna get out his grip and slapping him.

"Don't worry bout that" he said and grabbed me and tightened his grip and grabbed my face and looked in my eyes.

"Ooww! You hurting me on these damn lockers bitch! " i said and leaned in and kissed me and i spit in his mouth and he slapped me and i fell on the floor and then he grabbed me by my hair and i heard footsteps.

"Aye What's the problem?! " I heard Lucas say as he walked up to him and pushes him into the lockers.

"Bruh, you needa back up, you don't even know me like that! " Eric said and pushed him back and they walked up to each other pushing and i tried to get up and my head started hurting and felt something pick me up and seen Lucas and a lot of other people joined around them as they began to fight.

"Don't you eva put cho hands on my girl again! " i heard Lucas say as they started breaking them up and i laid my head on Dario's shoulder.

"Aw yea, she yo girl aite!, just know you wont have ha fa long!nobody will!" Eric said as he was pulled in the office.

I sighed and looked up at Dario. And rubbed my head.

"You got some weed?" I asked and he smirked and walked to the back of the school and lit the blunt up and gave it to me and i took a long hit and slowly blew it out and watched as the smoke surrounded me and i thought of a random question.

"When the bus driver gets off the bus i wonder who closes the doors" i said and looked at him and laughed.

"Shit, already high" he laughed and grabbed it from me and took a hit "i wonder if the S or c is silent in scent. " he said and looked at me and smiled.

"You cool people you know that?" I said as i looked up at the sky and heard the bell ring and got up.

"Thank you, you to" he said as he put the blunt out and puts it away and started walking me to my next class and went to his.

Mariya pov

As Lo left Meech grabbed me and walked me to the back and laid me in the bed.

You deserve something fa saying yeen want the baby. I would beat cho ass, but i wouldn't do that." He said to me as he roughly slid my panties off and leaned in and kissed me and slapped my thigh and looked at me.

"Meech, please don't, I'm sorry" i said as i watched him pull his pants down and Remember the first time he did this when i almost broke up with him and i laid my head back and looked up at the ceiling and felt as he roughly slid himself inside me and i screamed as he wraps his arms around my back and tightened his grip as he roughly slid in and out of me and i closed my eyes and starting crying.

"Meech!" I said to him and he didn't listen and kept going and looked at me and i tried to think of other things to get my mind off the pain and i closed my eyes and whimpered and he grabbed my throat and started pounding me and i latched on to his arm and tried to pull him off of me.

Lucas Pov

I sat in the office and watched the the new kid named Eric exchange looks with me as they finished with our write ups and gave them to us as i walked out the office and looked down at it. 5 day suspension ain't so bad. I need some day at home shit. Fuck that. Then i started walking to yn's class to get here and saw her and Dario in a desk kissing! I got mad and started storming out the school and to my car and slamming my door nearly knocking it off the car and driving home.

Sorry for it being short y'all

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