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I know not why this happened

Or how it came to be

And trust is such a fragile thing

Not easily earned, you see

So when I gave my trust to you,

My heart was in your hand.

You crushed with that icy fist,

Why? I cannot understand.

At first I sought a love to build

And a share a life with me.

Instead I found a best friend, amazing

And perfect as could be

I let you in on secrets

Ive never told another soul

And opened up myself again

To fill that empty hole.

I held you when you cried

And wiped away your tears

Promised to stand with you

Against all your little fears

Something in you now has changed

I know not what it be

But every day you pull away,

You turned your back on me

So I sit here now feeling

Like this is all my fault

Gathering again all the hurt

And locking up the vault

This is my goodbye, I fear

You, friend I will not claim

For the love that filled my life again

Is gone with no remains

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