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Part 2: Watchers

The recess bell rang after two periods. Mr. Kross, my math teacher, sent out THREE algebra and fraction homeworks. Were learning calculus next week, wow. My classmates were bored out, most of them weren’t paying attention and some were drowsy. Mrs. Aquino, Paige’s aunt, sent out a simple short freewrite homework. That’s easy, I spend most of my free time making novels. However, I always end up not finishing up what I started. I have completed one called “The Destined Souls”. It wasn’t my best but it was the only novel that I actually dared to finish.

As I trudged down the hallway, heading towards the cafeteria, two black suited men seemed to be staring at me. It was petrifying, not trying to look back. Both of them seemed to be in their 40s or 50s, they were tightly holding their Cannon cameras. I rush-walked as fast as I could, tucking my hair in my ear. “Miss.” says a deep manly voice, I was surprised. It was the two men that I was talking about. They looked scary in close up, their beards were hideous.

“Yes?” I asked with a brave but feebly.

“Are you Crystal Reynolds?” the guy on the left demanded

“Um yeah, why?” my eyebrows in a frown

“Will you come with us? We accept if you wont.”

“No! Why would I come with you guys!” I was upset, and was having goosebumps at the same time.

“Okay, were sorry.” They immediately left as a black limo arrives at our school campus and picked them up. People were confused and taking pictures with their phones, flash everywhere.

“What the heck?” I mumbled. I decided to forget these things that happened. Gosh it was a very odd day.

    I ate my Cheetos and drank my Pepsi that I didn’t get to finish the other day. I tried my best not to think about those creepy guys and the Cameron incident.


    “Crystal!” calls out a pitchy voice. I was shocked and realized it was the Paige girl.

    “Hey.” I replied without an emotion.

    “Why so serious for? Anyways, ya know those guys in the limo, wasn’t it cool?”

    “No!” I replied furiously. I didn’t know what got into me.

“Okay, okay. Calm down girl.” she said sarcastically.

“Ugh, I’m really sorry. It’s just that many things are happening to me--” Paige stopped me and placed her pointer finger across my mouth.

“Shhhh. Stop talking about sad stuff. Let’s just talk about boys! Do you have a crush so far?” she grinned.

“Um. I don’t know exactly. Well, theres this guy named Came--”

Paige cut off what I was trying to say, “Cameron West! The new transfer student! OMG he’s so hot, like seriously.”

“Oh. Yeah.” my voice was so boring.

“Yeah! So you like him or something? I would totally support you!” Paige questioned excitedly. She kept talking and talking and talking. I didn’t get 75% of what she was talking about.

“Nope. No I don’t.” I  replied. To be honest, I was lying, I kind of actually like him. But love at first sight is always wrong, because all you know about is the appearance. Not the personality.

Paige seemed to be bored out of my boring ego. She took her books, hugged it, and left with an discontented frown. I thought, Crystal is about to lose a friend! My heart tells me to call her and apologize, however, my mind was lazy and is home to five hundred species of toxic waste. I remained sitting down, and my chin in the palm of my hands. “Ugh!” I groaned.

“Someone seems like she’s having a bad day” said a guy’s voice.

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