Chapter Thirteen: Fix You

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•Cameron's POV

~one week after breakup~

I wish everyone would just quit bringing her up every time I got online. I already had her on my mind enough, all of the tweets weren't really helping me at all. I missed her so fucking much. They tell me to move on but that isn't going to happen for a while. We've been traveling all over , two places so far this week. It would go on for a month and when I get back to Los Angeles I realize I'm not going to be welcomed by her sweet kiss and hugs. I won't get to spend the day with her and spoil her because she's my princess. Or was my princess I guess you could say. I'm usually not one to cry very much but every time someone talks about her I feel like it. It's so so hard not calling her and asking her how she is.

So right now while it's late at night and I'm in this plane staring at the window, she's all I could think about. She was my moon and all of my stars and now I screwed it all up. She never hurt me so why the hell did I hurt her? I basically broke her. Cutting my hands open while trying to fix the pieces. But I didn't know who was more hurt...

That big moon outside my plane window was probably the only thing keeping me sane.

I decided to get back on Twitter and reply to some fans because none of them really knew what was going on.

"@camerondallas do you still love Hazel?" one girl asked.

I replied with "with all my heart."

That was enough to make me feel chest pains.

•Hazel's POV•

I laid down on the roof of my new house with a fuzzy blanket and a pillow, the city wasn't exactly quiet but I was still relaxed.

Until I thought about him.

That big bright moon painted into the stars made tears roll down my cheeks. It was like a fresh wound with no antibiotics to numb the pain in anyway. They say I just needed time; but that's the thing about time, it doesn't give a shit if you're hurting or in tears. It just keeps going, it never stops for a brief second to let you calm down. It was so hard not to call him and just ask how he was, but I needed to call someone. I called Nash.

"Hello?" He asks as if he just woke up.

"Sorry if you were sleeping I'll call tomorrow." I say hoping I didn't make him mad for calling at eleven at night.

"No I wasn't asleep I'm just on the plane sitting next to Carter. He's asleep though." Nash said quietly.

"Oh ok..."

"What did you need?" He says kindly.

"Um it's kind of dumb but how is Cameron? I wanted to know if he was okay but I didn't want to call him. Sorry it's kind of a dumb question." I explain holding back tears again. I was such a baby.

"It's not dumb at all. And you want an honest answer?" He tells me.

"Yes." I say expecting him to say Cameron is doing good.

"To be honest he is a mess. I don't think he has gotten more than four hours of sleep everyday for the past week. He looks terrible but I don't want to tell him that." Nash says and you can tell Cameron's hurt is affecting how Nash is doing too. I stay silent, because tears are streaming down my cheeks quietly.

"I'm a mess too." I choke back tears.

"Hazel I still love you."

Cameron is on the phone now.

He's been listening the whole time.

Why did Nash do that!

"Hazel please don't hang up. Please don't fucking hang up." His voice is so pained it kills me.

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