Chapter 8 - Michael Jones

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Michael didn't leave a second more to stare. He turned and ran, dropping his flashlight as he did but didn't care, the battery was fading anyway.

He ran as fast as his legs would take him. Him, along with his boyfriends were not very good with running, stamina or anything to do with sport. So it wasn't long before Michael stopped, hands on his knees and panting hard.

He hoped that when he turned around the creature wouldn't be chasing him, but he didn't get that luxury. When he turned around, the creature was running full speed at him, on all fours might he add.

Michael went to go run again but something wrapped around his leg and pulled, dropping him to the floor. He turned quickly to his back when he was being dragged closer and closer to the creature by a tentacle on it's back.

He grabbed at it and tried to pry it off of him but it was wrapped tightly around his ankle, and he soon found himself face to face with the monster.

He starred up at it, but not in fear. Yeah he was fucking terrified on the inside but he refused to show it. He glared at it and growled like an animal, like it would somehow scare it away. "Get the fuck off me!" He yelled, though all it seemed to do was make it more angry.

It's appendage wrapped tighter around Michael's leg, like it was trying to crush his ankle. It lifted him off the ground and stood on two legs. It threw Michael back and forth through the air, knocked the breath out of Michael almost completely.

He was then let go and hit the floor hard, rolling along the grass painfully. He groaned and tried to get up, pushing himself up with his shaky arms that almost gave way.

However, he didn't get far off the ground before the monster picked him up, claws wrapped around his waist. He struggled against it's grip but soon froze. It's claws were digging into his back. He threw his head back, eyes wide and mouth open in a silent scream as it's claws pretty much impaled him.

His pain suddenly stopped as he went limp in the creatures hand. The creature just dropping him and walking off. Leaving Michael on the floor in a small puddle of blood.

The next chapter will be the last, a little anime like as no one should survive this at all in reality xP BUT i don't care :D

Hope you liked, love you guys :D

if you have any ideas i'd love to hear em :3

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