chapter 5

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this morning i woke up, i tought i had a nightmare were my daddy told me he only had three months to live because of his cancer, but i saw a text from him and it said "baby girl i am so sorry that i dont have that much time left to be with you but it will be the best three months ever i promise!" i went to my mom and hugged her while i was in tears. she asked me "sweet little abby what's wrong?" i told her "daddy has cancer and he only has three months to live" i tryied so hard to say that without crying and that did not happen. I am a daddy's girl have been all my life. Well he has been the one in my life since i was two months old. My mom asked me "do you want to go home?" i told her " no i am going home tonight daddy said i was staying till tonight" and she told gabby which is my twin to come here that she had something to talk to us about. so gabby came in the room and sat next to me. my mom started talking to us and we sat next to each other and we both were just listening to her. Darren walked in the room and asked my mom "what you guys talking about?" she responed "what we were talking bout last night sweet heart....."

ASHLEY'S (abby's mom) P.O.V

Last night i have heard that darren is going back to the army..... yea i have things to say about this but it is what is going to make him happy. whatever makes him happy will make me happy.... i am worried he is going to get hurt, killed or something. i dont want gabby to grow up without a dad but i dont want to hurt him and make him feel like a bad dad.... so i am going to let him go and do what will make him happy.. it is time to talk to the girls about this...... i dont think abby is going to care that much because she dont know derren that much and has not have him in her life that long. but i know gabby is going to be heart broken..... she has had him in her life for her eight years she has been alive.....

well going to tell the girls........

hey girls i have to tell you guys something.... okay well derren is going back to the army and he leaves tomorrow...... i know it is going to be hard gabby but it will be okay baby girl......ok??? "yes mommy" gabby said...... i know she was heart broken when i told her and her sister... abby face was the same before i told her and that was red and teary eyed but that wasnt because of derren leaving.... it was becasue her dad was dying from cancer.i understand that fully i would be like that to if my dad was dying with cancer.

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