Chapter 14

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Im gonna skip a couple of weeks.


Emma's Pov.

I'm so stressed right now. Today I'm going dress shopping for my dress then tomorrow we are going to go dress shopping for my bridesmaids. I brought all of the girls with me including Mrs. Dallas and Serria. I really wish my mom was with me. She would be so proud. Right now we are going into the shop.

It was like a fairtale. There were so many dresses to pick out. As we walked in a helper person came.( I don't know what their called)

"Hi welcome to the store. I would like to ask who's the bride?" I just said I am. "Well hi Congratulations, I'm Sophie and I'll be helping you today. Do you have anything you've seen before and you want?" she said. "No I'm really not sure what in looking for so it may be a while." I said kind of shyly. "Well that's ok as long as your a happy bride then we can take all the time we need."

She had walked around and pulled out a few dresses.

7 dresses later*

I haven't found one I like. I know I'm being picky but everything has to be perfect. I slipped on another dress. It looked amazing. It fit perfectly. It shower my curves and it made me look skinner. It was a sweetheart neckline. It was tight all in the front until it reached my butt. The bottom we filled with tool.(Tool: the white shit that makes it look big and puffy and cute) On the top it was filled with sliver jewels and designs. It looked stunning. I walked out to show everyone else. They all gasp. They looked at me with wide eyes. They absolutely loved it. I looked at Mrs.Dallas and she was crying. I walked over to her and hugged her. "Honey, you look so beautiful! Your mom would be so proud of you. Thank you so much." she said. "Thank me for what?" I asked confussed. "For marrying my son. You've always brought out the best of him. He loves you with all his heart and I couldn't be more thankful." I started crying a little. "No thank you. Your the one who gave me her son to love and I couldn't be happier. This has really been an amazing time for me." I walked back to wear I was standing and looked at myself at the mirror. This is the one. I looked at the assistant. I smiled at her. I then looked how much the dress was. $170,000!

"I don't think I can buy this" I said.



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1) Who should be the maid of honor???

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