Me and my friends were running through the forestdoging arrows,and bullets. I leapup a tree while my one friend, E.S.T uses her super speed. The other one is half robot, but she can hold her ground, so I don't worry for her as much as the others. My other companions are either flying in the sky or running on all fours. "E.S.T!" I call out to her. She looks up at me and nods. She forms a red ball of flames and shoots it back at the group of people chasing us. "Alright we bought us some time." she murmured breathlessly, we were running for a while and her speed takes a lot of energy so I understand why she is so breathless. "BRIGHT!" I hear Howling call to me. I look over my shoulder to see a arrow fly by my face, missing it by inches. Pega looks back at the crowd and yells "Run! They are catching up to us!" Monarch dives down and grabs Howling and flies back up to the sky dodging arrows. E.S.T looks at me and Pega "Let's go, now." she says eagerly.E.S.T runs off Pega following her. I stay behind and form a shadow ball in my hands. I throw the shadow ball at he crowd and dart the direction the rest went, losing the crowd. I catch up to E.S.T and Pega and look at them sadly, "Looks like we are homeless now." I murmured. Pega nodded at my reply and looked at E.S.T. She looked at Pega and I, "What now?" Pega asks her, stopping for a little bit. "Now, we run and never go back to that place. "We are alone now, trust no one,only ourselves, and our other frieds in this group." she replied. I nodded. Today, was the day that changed my life.

(Sorry it was short, its late and I am kinda tired, so here you go, I did it for u Pega, FOR YOU!!!!!!)

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