Jesy's POV

It was another day and Perrie was gone out.

I stayed in the flat, deleting some really ugly selfies and kept all the really good ones. I got into tumblr for a little while and got out. 

I felt really bored without my Perrie. Then I started remembering everything that happened yesterday. I remembered Perrie's dad and all the questions he had asked me.

Perrie told me that my dad said he liked me. But did he have some negative thoughts on me? Did I answer the questions well? Was he impressed with my answers?

And then the marriage to kids question came up in my mind. Sure, I want to marry and have kids with Perrie, but we're only in our early twenties. It was really awkward.

So what? It's completly normal to marry in your early twenties. If we had to get married soon, I would want to be the first one to propose to Perrie.

That's a good idea. I want to get married to her as soon as possible, but I don't want to rush. Oh my goodness. I can't believe I'm thinking about marriage now. But I'm pretty sure it's completely normal.

Soon, I heard the front door open and close. Perrie's back already? I looked over to see her and gasped.

"Perrie! What's wrong!?" I asked and rushed over to her. She was in tears, her face was red and her shirt was ripped. I ran and hugged her tightly.

I slowly led her to sit on the couch. I sat next to her and wiped her tears off. "Perrie..." I breathed. She wouldn't stop crying.

Then I saw something else. Her jeans. The top button was undone. I gasped but wished I was wrong. "Perrie, please tell me what happened! Did someone hurt you?" I asked worriedly.

She nodded. "He... he raped me!" 

I gasped and hugged her even tighter as she cried even harder. "Who?" I asked in panic. "The same man at Madison's party who touched me!" she sobbed.

I couldn't believe it. That man who kissed me and touched Perrie just raped her? "Don't worry, babe. You're safe now," I whispered, wiping more tears away and hugging her even tighter.

I was shocked. I really wanted to be Perrie's first time. I felt so guilty for not being there to protect her. "I can't believe I let him pull me into the alley! Jesy, I wanted you to be my first time! Not some rapist!" she cried.

Perrie wanted me to be her first time? Of course she would. I smiled at what I heard but immediately stopped.

"I'm so sorry Perrie," I sighed. "I shouldn't have let you go on your own!" "It's not your fault Jesy," Perrie sniffed.

"No Perrie, it is. And I promise that I will always look after you so that no one like that can get to you," I promised. She nodded and sniffed.

"I love you Perrie," I said. "I love you too," she told me and smiled. I pecked her lips and pulled her in for a cuddle. 

That night, I slept with Perrie again. I wondered how it would feel like if I was in her place. I don't even know what I would do. Now I'm going to make sure she's safe. I have to.

Perrie's POV (two weeks later)

I woke up and yawned. Jesy was beside me, staring. "Good morning Perrie," she softly said and kissed my forehead. I smiled.

"Good mor-" I started to say. But then I stopped and closed my mouth. "What's wrong, love?" she asked me. I jumped off my bed and ran as fast as I could to the bathroom.

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