Wolf cave

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Next day

I was walking  home alone again. Rain soaked me to my bones. It was cold. Really cold. But cold and night was better than my cramped little room in the second floor of a ramen shop. I am living there for 2 years already. Since my parents died when I was 16. Auntie and the owner of that shop let me to stay in there if I agree to help her on weekends. Small room full of all kind of stuff and always smelling like ramen wasn’t really dream home. But it was all I could afford.

I sat on the bench. It was wet but I was all soaked too so it didn’t bother me at all. I hugged myself with my arms and just stayed there. It was so cold. I felt so weak. I started to tremble. I decided to go home when I realized that everything around is shaking. Spinning. I tried to stand up but just collapsed on the ground and couldn’t move any more. I laid there watching two white sneakers coming closer. Without a word that guy picked me up as if I was really light. Almost like I didn’t weight at all. I felt his body warmth through my clothes. He was so warm.

When I opened my eyes I was already inside and my wet clothes was hanging next to me on the hangers. I was in bed. And I wore tracksuit. It was not mine and it was way too big.

Luhans pov

She woke up. I was worried she seemed so sick. But now fever is down a little. I guess she will live.

“Your fever went down a little… but what were you doing in the park? At night? When it’s raining?” I asked.

“I was washing my minds” she answered with a smile. I could tell it’s a fake smile because her eyes looked sad but at least she tried to smile.

Should I tell her that I changed her clothes? She was sick I just wanted to help... I didn’t have any pervert minds. Well maybe a few. No. aghhh get a grip Luhan stop thinking those pervert minds. Come to your senses” I got lost in my mind for a minute but my intense thinking was broke with her punch.

That’s for seeing me naked!!! How could you take of my clothes ?! Even if I’m dying ...without permission?!“ she shouted but she smiled. She wasn‘t really angry.

“Miangheeee” I tried to be cute.

I turned away and covered my face which has turned all red only remembering her perfect body. Her soft skin. Her beautiful curves.

Your body is pretty” I mumbled.

She pulled me on my hand and I fell on the bed. Right next to her.

I guess your body is pretty too… show me!” she said playfully.

“Wha…what..?” I was shocked.

Isn’t that fair? You dressed me down so now it’s your turn.” She smiled

Behind your angels face there is a devil you know? “ I said while unbuttoning my shirt.

Your pov.

He slowly buttoned down his shirt and his  body become visible. His muscles and fair skin. It was a candy for my eyes. I didn’t hesitate to stare. His white shirt fell on the ground next to him and his hands went to his belt. I was getting so exited. His belt was already removed and he get to his pants button and zipper.

Gash ,Hyung! Yaaa … agh my eyes!” someone invaded into the room and started shouting.

Get the fuck out ,Sehun!!!”Luhan screamed.

So there are also other people in this house. And that person just called Luhan “hyung” so he must be a younger brother. What if his parents are also here? Ohhh this is so wrong I’m in his house ….in his bed. What will everyone think of me.

I will get going now” I jumped out of bed.

Suddenly my head become dizzy because of this fast movement and I tripped a little Luhan couth me. He hugged me. O could feel his hot chest so well.

You can’t go today. Stay overnight”  He said looking at me with those brown deep eyes.

What will your parents think …” I asked.

I’m not living with parents it’s just me and my pack.”

He kept looking at me and I felt like I’m melting in his eyes. I just couldn’t say no. I felt like I would kill if he asked me to… those eyes of his could swallow stars planets and universes so what hope I did ever have.

I’ll stay..” I gave up.

He lightly pick me up and laid on the bed again. Then he laid next to me and hugged me tight and I felt so safe in his arms. I didn’t realize how I fell asleep.

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