Secrets of Candy

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Once upon a time,

In a big town in New York City, there was a poor family that saved their life savings up to build a candy store.

Their dream was to sell candy and make other children happy including their 5 year old daughter, Hallie.

When time passed by and the candy store was finished building, Hallie was 7 and helped in the store everyday. The candy store became more and more popular and had at least 7 customers per day.

Hallie's parents were happy for this because their money pays off. One day, when Hallie's mom asked her to look after the store while she went grocery shopping, Hallie pretended that she was in a wonderland full of sweetie treats.  

She jumped and danced around the store until suddenly she bumped in a shelf with a jar of colorful candies fell on the ground. She was shocked and scared by the accident that she hurried up and looked for a broom and dust pan. After while, she found them behind the kitchen door and when she came back, to her surprise, the candy spelled by itself!

"it's alright" spelled the candies. Hallie didn't believe her eyes. She wiped her eyes to make sure she was wide awake and when she peaked again, the candies said " yes, i'm real" unbelievable! she thought.

Never knew her mom's candy store was that magical but Hallie sure loved it anyway. She took her broom and placed the broken glass into the dust pan without taking the candies in it. She tried to talk to the candies to see if they would respond to her directly.

Hallie : do you hear me?

*** Candies : yes!

Hallie : how is that possible?

*** Candies : we're magic, but secret.

Hallie : will you tell me secrets?

*** Candies : your future.

Hallie : oh my! hmmm let me see..what will happen tonight?

*** Candies : your parents will take you out to dinner.

Hallie : where? (happily)

*** Candies : to a restaurant down this block.

Hallie : oh my! ok i'll wait for them to tell me that! thanks candy!

 After a while, Hallie's parents arrived home. Her dad had been busy selling candy on the street while her mom went grocery shopping, her job is at the original store. Her mom was the first one to step home and Hallie ran to her and hugged her. She did the same to her dad.

Hallie's parents went into their room to pick something nicer to wear and when Hallie saw them she tried to pretend not to know what they were up to. 

Hallie : mommy? daddy? why are you putting those classy clothes on? i've never known you even had those.

Mommy : we bought these special in case we were going out.

Daddy : oh yes, mommy has something nice for you too.

(Hallie faces her mom)

Hallie : where? what?

Mommy : come with me.

They went to Hallie's room and her mom opened her closet, there they saw a beautiful orange dress with flowers embroidered on it. She fell in love with it completely. The whole family got ready for their dinner and went on their way to the restaurant. They walked for about 10 minutes 'till they finally reached the place. As they read what was on the restaurant, it said " Restaurant  Deluxe "

By only reading what the restaurant was called made them even more exited. As they stepped in, a woman came near them and asked them if she could take their coats to place them on a rack. As Hallie was about to give hers, she glanced around the room, and at the left side of the restaurant, a very rich looking family were surrounded by 4 waiters serving them with all those first class meals. Hallie was amazed by it and as the family ordered the meals, one of the waiters came up to this little boy who was still checking the menu.

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