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I woke up at 6 a.m. and got ready I showered and got changed I wore a white shirt with dark blue jeans and a caramel jacket and took my bag I have to get ready to go one the plane cause Christian's parents live in Denver.

I took my bag and went outside and walked toward Christian's dorm room and knocked one the door and then Jesse opened the door.

"Hi Jesse is Christian here"I said

"No Christian went to shower but you can wait for him in here if you like"said Jesse

"Alright"I said then Jesse moved a side and I walked into the room I sat down on one of the beds.

"I've got to go to class you can wait for Christian here"said Jesse opening the door.

"Alright good luck in class"I said then he smiled and walked out the door I lied down on the bed and waited for Christian.

After a few minutes the door opened and Christian came inside then he stared at me.

"What are you staring at?"I asked

"You.How did you get in?"said Christian

"Jesse let me in while he went to class"I said the stood up I saw Christian he was wearing a white shirt,jeans and a denim jacket.

"OK so where's your bag?"asked Christian I pointed at the bag near the window and then he said "Well get your bag and we can go come on" while getting his bag I took mine and we both walked outside and walked toward the car park and got into Christian's car and he drove to the airport and then on the way in there was a guy in a black suit stading in frount of us and Christian seem's really shocked to see him.

"Good morning,Mr Greyback"said the guy in the fancy suit.

" Charles!Great to see you and you know you don't have to call me Mr Greyback right?"said Christian

"Unforchenatly I have to. Your parents send me here to take you to Denver on the jet"said the dude who's name is Charles.

"Wait mom and dad send you here are you sure it's not just dad"said Chrsitan

"Yes Mr Greyback it was your fathe who sent me here come let's go to the jet"said Charles

"Wait a sec, Christian please tell me what's going on because I have no idea what's going on"I asked

"Oh uh, did I tell you that my parents are one of the riches people in Denver"said Christian

"OK"I said

"Well Christian does your parents know you have a guest coming?"asked Charles

"Yes Charles, my parents know that Miss Anderson is coming with me"said Christian

"Alright well"said Charles then he looked at me and what I was wearing and then he smiled and said "Lovely to meet you Miss Anderson"

"You can call me Makayla I feel weird when people call me Miss"I said

"Alright then let's go to the just go to the jet"said Christian then he took and bag and gave his bag to Charles.

While walking I said "You know you don't have to carry my bag for me"I said

"It's alright I don't mind"said Christian

Thank goodness my bag has wheels.


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