Chapter 1

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Okay so before I begin writing I just wanted to say this is my first fan fiction and I love reading these so I thought why not give it a try. Anyhow, I'm sorry if this story sucks and I don't update very often, but hopefully all goes well So thank you for wanting to read this and I should probably shut up now PEACE✌ *and enjoy❤


*Hayes P.O.V.*

Today was the first day of school. I was in the car with Nash who was dropping me off at a high school we knew nothing about. I stayed silent the whole way.

I wasn't too excited being the fact I just moved away from home all the way back in North Carolina. We decided it would be best if I lived with my older brother Nash and his best friend Cameron here in California just so I didn't have to travel so much.

In all honesty, all I wanted to do was stay in our condo and go on Twitter all day or watch Netflix, but I was absolutely scared to death once my brother pulled up to the school.

Teenagers were everywhere. The sluts. The jocks. The nerds. The music geeks. You name it.

"Don't let anyone mess with you, got it?" said Nash.

"Yeah. Later Nash." I responded. And with that, he drove away.

"Here we go" I muttered to myself as I entered the hell hole.

*Alex P.O.V.*

"Look at all these freshman, dumb little kids." Laughed Kevin, one of my guy best friends.

"Hey don't be so rude. That was us last year." My other best friend Margo responded.

We were walking through the halls on first day of school, admiring all the newbies and populars that are here every year. Kevin and Margo rambled on and on about who they thought was gonna end up where. I just stood there in silence. They knew me to be like that. I either would be the spontaneous, careless free spirit in the group, or the pathetic loser. No in between.

We continued walking through the halls as I thought about new kids. I loved Kevin and Margo and all, but I wanted to meet some new people. I mean, it's sophomore year, and it would be nice to not be with people you've known since you were in the first grade.


The first bell went off. That meant we had five more minutes until class started.

"Okay guys I'll see y'all in third period." I turned and said to the two social butterflies. Not that I wasn't social.

"Look at you trynna have fun with a country accent" said Kevin while poking me.


As soon as I started dying of laughter, I heard the security guard behind me shout, "Get to class kids"

I'm no kid. What is this guy talking about. I finally said goodbye to Kevin and Margo and wandered off to my first period which was science.

As I wandered through the halls, I realized the time. The bell rang.

"Fuck." I muttered to myself as I sprinted into the room on my left.

*Hayes P.O.V.*

Well, here we go. First class period of the day. I began pulling out my supplies. The teacher wasn't even hear yet. What the hell?! Back in North Carolina, the teacher would have been fired. California is such a different environment.

All of a sudden, the door slammed open. I thought it was the teacher. But everyone continued talking which meant that it probably was another student.

I looked towards the door and my eyes were delighted by what they saw.

A girl. Not just any girl. The most beautiful girl in the entire universe with the longest, waviest, most perfect brown hair that hang loosely down her back. She wore lightwashed ripped skinny jeans with a black Cami, pink cardigan, and black vans. Her tan skin was smooth and looked greatly tan. Her eyes were what got me. They were giant. Not ridiculous giant, but good giant. They fit her face perfectly. Chocolately brown and sparkled perfect in the light. Even my brothers eyes couldn't compare anything to hers.

"Your late, ALEX" a Hispanic boy behind me said.

The girl, Alex, looked around then back at the boy and said in a mocking tone, "The teacher's not here, so do you think I care, DELGADO"

Judging by their joking tones, they were really good friends. Alex walked up to him and tassled his hair.

"I would very much prefer it if you called me by my first name, Smith" he said while slightly laughing.

"In your dreams" she said with probably the most beautiful smile I've seen on her face.

Her facial features. Damn. Was all I could think.

She approached my table and sat down across from me, her elegant brown eyes adjusting to mine. She was probably wondering why I was staring at her for so long.

"New kid, huh?" She questioned.

I slowly nodded still making eye contact with her, unsure of what to do. I decided to look down at her hands which were still holding on to her books. They were painted a deep, dark blue with a silver ring on her right pointed finger. All I wanted to do was tangle my fingers in hers.

I looked back up to her eyes and noticed her staring at me.

She then broke out into a big grin that would have looked too goofy on her if it weren't for her facial features.

"Welcome them Mr. Blue Eyes." She stated which caused me to give a small smile, making me fall even more in love with her.

And with that, the teacher burst in after what felt like an eternity.

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